‘Professor Bhakdi Did Not Do Anything Wrong’ – Open Letter from Holocaust Survivors

We for Humanity – a group of Holocaust survivors and descendents – write:
We set the record straight: media abuse Holocaust to enable new Holocaust. Of all things, the “fight against Antisemitism” ensures that people behave as they did back then. The unfounded accusation was also abused to silence Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi. We are standing up for him.
Here follows their open letter to the media:
Open Letter to the Media from Holocaust Survivors and Descendants

After the shocking news reached us that the statefunded media has accused Professor Sucharit Bhakdi of being an antiSemite, we decided to write this letter. We stand behind Professor Bhakdi because he speaks the truth.

You, the media, have lied to the people for years by preaching false lessons from the Holocaust. That is not the lesson of the Holocaust, that Jews must not be killed or questioned. No human being should be killed!

The lesson of the Holocaust is that you must not stand by and participate when a minority is persecuted. They have instrumentalized the Holocaust for the opposite: to deprive people of the will to stand up against injustice. And in this godless way you have prepared and are in the process of implementing a new Holocaust.

We expressly warn that another holocaust is unfolding, only bigger and more sophisticated. The brutality with which you fight, deny, hurt and humiliate the opposition, both verbally and physically, serves to suppress the truth. Destroyed livelihoods, apartment searches, occupational bans, forced referrals to psychiatric hospitals and worse this could be the story from our lives, but this is the reality we observe in Germany.

We will not be silenced!

Dr. Bhakdi did not do anything wrong.
He merely suggested that the term Vaccination Macht Frei is eerily similar to the Auschwitz
Entrance slogan, which is entirely correct.
Please stop attacking this good man, who is certainly not an anti-Semite.
Rabbiner William Handler
Brooklyn, NY
Born in Satumare, Rumania
Holocaust Survivor

I live because my grandmother disobeyed when it was ordered that Jews gather. As now ordered to get vaccinated oneself and our children.
I am alive because decent people disobeyed when they were forbidden to hide Jews. Just like now Sucharit Bhakdi and other decent people disobey to save lives.
To punish them with the term “anti-Semite” for this is an outrageous hypocrisy.
Mascha Orel

Download the open letter including signatories here: For Sucharit Bhakdi

Source: https://we-for-humanity.org/en/

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