Propaganda and Censorship Growing Fast

By Dr Vernon Coleman

The mainstream media is working hard on several fronts these days.

Having sold out to promote the covid fraud and the toxic, poisonous, experimental covid jabs, journalists are working overtime to sell a war that was deliberately created to create energy shortages, to push up prices, to damage the global economy and to kill untold millions around the world (but particularly in Africa).

Schwab, Rothschild and the rest of the conspirators are, of course, aware that China and Russia aren’t part of the Global Reset group. Demonising Russia and uniting the people in hating the ordinary Russian people is straight out of Orwell’s playbook. The conspirators are worried about losing control of all the commodities available within the Ukraine borders.

The same people who are now screaming about Russia and promoting sympathy for a country they probably couldn’t spell or find on a map a couple of weeks ago are the self-serving, virtue signalling people who forced small children to wear masks, miss schooling, and be jabbed with poison. They’re the same people who approved of young disabled adults being kept locked up and then killed via DNR notices. They are the same idiots who have been fired up and misinformed by the corrupt traitors working for the mainstream media. They are the same people who didn’t care that millions of children in Africa have starved because of absurd covid policies. They are the same people who don’t give a damn that in a normal winter 60,000 elderly Britons die because they can’t afford to keep warm, and rising fuel prices will triple that figure this year.

Suppression of the truth isn’t new, of course. The truth about AIDS was suppressed in the 1980s. And, as I know to my cost, the truth about vaccines has been suppressed for decades. Demonisation of the truth-tellers has become a staple part of our media.

Here are a few examples of the way hysteria is being created and truths are being suppressed in a way that would have delighted the protagonists in ‘Wag the Dog’ (the greatest political film ever made).

In Australia, a talk show host threw out an audience member who dared to oppose the official line about Russia, and who dared to mention that the Ukraine might just have been responsible for a few atrocities too. The host then apologised for not having thrown out the man sooner than he did. Goodbye free speech. Goodbye debate. Welcome censorship. Welcome totalitarianism.

Yahoo news has reported that Ukraine’s foreign minister warns ‘Russian soldiers are raping our women’. I was waiting for that to surface. Next, we will see complaints that Russian soldiers are eating babies. (The eating babies story always surfaces when war propaganda reaches a peak.)

Disabled Russian athletes have been banned from the Paralympics to teach the Russians a lesson. UK Motorsport announced that a Russian racing driver would not be allowed to race in the UK because he is Russian. (Motorsport is morally bankrupt. They have races in Saudi Arabia and China but just pocket the money and do nothing.) Politicians have talked about expelling all Russian citizens living in the UK – just because they were born in Russia. All this is, of course, likely to create deeper rifts and more racism.

According to a journalist in the Financial Times (in an article entitled ‘Putin’s War Against Liberal Democracy’): ‘Russia’s president may be the most dangerous man who has ever lived.’ This may come as something of a shock to historians who are aware that Stalin is reputed to have killed up to 29 million people, Attila the Hun is said to have been responsible for 30 million deaths and our joint winners Genghis Khan and Mao Zedong are each credited with 40 million deaths. (Genghis Khan also had the heads of 70,000 of his victims built into minarets.) I’m ignoring Pinochet, Hitler, Idi Amin, Klaus Schwab, Rothschild, Gates, Tony Blair et al in my personal list of the most dangerous men who ever lived. In my view, the Financial Times is the most inept, lefty, conspiracy paper in the world, written by the ignorant for the ignorant and beloved by those who are too embarrassed to be seen carrying The Guardian (financial partner of Bill Gates, friend of Epstein).

The Chief Sports Writer of the Daily Telegraph wrote an article headed ‘Tennis looks weak by refusing to impose ban’. He was writing about the world no 1 tennis player Medvedev. (He took over from Djokovic who was of course banned from Australia because he was too sensible to be jabbed with a toxic brew just to please some ignorant politicians.) The journalist wrote: ‘If Russian tennis players receive any dispensation, then they should, as a bare minimum, condemn the suffering to which their nation is consigning Ukraine. Medvedev has so far not done this, confining himself to bland pledges `to promote peace all over the world’. But it is not beyond him. Pavlyuchenkova has been more outspoken saying: ‘Personal ambitions or political motives cannot justify violence’. It is this moral fibre, this courage to denounce Putin, that Medvedev must channel if he is to be treated as a special case.’ I don’t think I have ever read anything quite so sanctimonious, virtue signalling, ignorant and patronising from a sports journalist.

Shane Warne has died at the age of 52 – of a heart attack. He didn’t just have the jab he actively encouraged others to be jabbed. But the BBC and the rest of the media did not, of course, link his death to the covid jab. Warne was the best slow bowler I ever saw. He is generally agreed to have been one of the greatest cricketers who ever played. I saw him play many times but cherish a day when Warne had put on weight and had a slight paunch. The crowd started to sing ‘Who ate all the pies?’ Warne stopped for a moment, turned towards the crowd, conducted the singing and then pointed to himself. After that the crowd loved him. Jabbed to death? I think so. But journalists who haven’t asked the question are a disgrace.

My local council (which has never before taken a geopolitical stance) has, like councils everywhere, condemned Russia. Why, I wonder, are the supporters of Agenda 21 (as most councils now are) so keen to become involved. (If you want to know more about where this is all heading please read my book Endgame which explains the background to the covid fraud, the global warming fraud and why wars are considered necessary.)

UK dockers are refusing to unload Russian gas coming into the UK. Just before this announcement was made the price of gas had gone up 17% in the day. Just after the dockers made their announcement the price of gas had gone up by 24% on the day. Higher prices mean more poverty and more starvation and more freezing to death.

US President Biden (thought by some to be one of the most crooked politicians in the world – even including Attila the Hun and Ghengis Khan) has ordered the US Surgeon General to tell Big Tech to turn over the details of anyone who has spread misinformation about covid on the internet. I was thrilled when I first heard this. I assumed it meant that the US Surgeon General would be demanding that Big Tech hand over the names of all those BBC, Guardian, Daily Mail, etc., journalists who’ve been spreading misinformation. But I was wrong, of course. What Biden really meant was that Big Tech have to hand over details of all independent minded, intelligent, well informed citizens who’ve told the truth. This is another step in the censorship and demonization of the truth-tellers. (Welcome to my world.)

The BBC has temporarily suspended the work of all its news journalists in Russia after the Russian government passed a law threatening journalists with jail if they spread fake information. Well, that seems to me to say more about the BBC than Russia. We now need other governments to pass similar laws so that the BBC has to stop spreading misinformation and calling it news.

I have repeated warned that the conspirators would need wars to accelerate their conspiracy. In my book Endgame I explained that conspirators and power hungry crooks have always used war to control people. The conspirators now running the world boasted that they could create their new world order by using war as a weapon. The covid-19 fraud was just the start. Now, under the cover of a manufactured war, heavily promoted by a corrupt media, they are speeding up the path to the Great Reset and the end of our freedom.

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