Racism is a Weapon in the Push Towards the Great Reset

By Vernon Coleman

The conspirators and the mainstream media are deliberately creating racism in Britain.

The latest absurd accusations (in which a young black woman claims she was ‘abused’ by an 83-year-old woman at Buckingham Palace) have triggered headlines way beyond their worth.

The questioning (which I have seen described as interrogation) may have been clumsy and inevitably dated in style and format but it seemed courteous enough, was clearly well-intentioned and was the sort of semi-official curiosity that always comes across as patronising, probably because it is but is, in a strange way, the opposite of racism.

To turn this modest, semi-private incident into yet another accusation of institutional racism in the UK is clearly part of the conspirator’s plan to divide in order to rule and to destroy every aspect of our culture and our history. They want us all fighting one another so that the innocent and the ignorant don’t notice their master plan for the Great Reset.

(Incidentally, it was typical of the royals that they should appear to save themselves by throwing a woman with 60 years of service to the wolves. Loyalty?)

There will be enquiries, more accusations, more articles, endless publicly funded committees and much talk of lives ruined. There will be TV programmes and books, and the racism industry will be well fed for a few more months. It’s easy. There’s a suitable heroine and a perfect villain.

And the result will (as planned) be to create yet more genuine racism among the already bewildered and confused who don’t understand what the hell is going on. (The gender wars, also designed and professionally orchestrated, are merely a variation on this theme.)

Anyone who read the newspapers or watched the mainstream media would be convinced that racism was a serious problem in Britain today. Unless you count the wicked, cruel, genuinely hurtful racism created by positive discrimination (in which non-whites are given preference over whites simply because they aren’t white) the racism in Britain seems pretty well confined to relatively small groups and, compared to rampant, deadly ageism, is damned near non-existent. A little clumsy questioning doesn’t amount to much when put alongside the cold-blooded genocide which put thousands of elderly folk into early graves.

In fact, surveys have proved that the –ism that affects most people, and causes most concern, is neither racism (nor sexism) but ageism. And the mainstream media, of course, is as guilty as the health service of ageism.

Much of what is described as racism is nothing more than what used to be called banter and has for centuries been part of British culture – particularly among males. Recently, the game of cricket was torn apart when a former cricketer complained that he had been subjected to racist attacks from other members of the team for which he played. The media seemed to put great store by the fact that team mates had referred to a player by nick-names. And yet young men, particularly sportsmen, have always called one another by nick-names and although the names have often been rude or derogatory in some way it seems that it is rather stretching a point to describe such banter as bullying and to dignify it as racism. If this is abuse then I doubt if there is a white sportsmen in the country who hasn’t been abused.

Words lose all meaning in this way and the serious crimes become lost in the confusion.

The main stream media has, however, leapt upon what seems to me to be rather thin evidence to claim that cricket is riddled with racist behaviour. It is difficult to sustain this argument when mixed-race teams are commonplace and players of different nationalities play together every day of the week.

Nevertheless, the game of cricket has been turned inside out, upside down and back to front.

It looks, at first glance, as though the screaming has been orchestrated and conducted by the woke in spirit but it’s far more sinister than that. The complaints were welcomed by the conspirators and used as weapons in a war on culture, history.

Complaining and whining left wingers have moaned constantly about historical figures – claiming that their behaviour was racist. Statues have been toppled, reputations thrashed, history books changed, lecturers banned and many significant figures who did great things (including opposing slavery) have been widely reviled for behaviour that was normal for the time and probably never malicious in any way.

Footballers and other professional sportsmen regularly kneel to show their commitment to kneeling (what a pathetic, pointless piece of virtue signalling that is) but carefully avoid doing anything (such as refuse to play football matches in Qatar) which would have a huge impact but might involve a modest personal sacrifice and adversely affect their income.

(As an aside, I think the sponsors of football games have missed a trick in failing to produce a specially sponsored single kneeling pad to protect the knee the footballer uses for his empty gesture. The knee pad could, perhaps, contain an advertisement from some entirely inappropriate sponsor keen to show their commitment to the cause – whatever the cause might be. This would be entirely in keeping with the mores of a sport which has completely lost touch with its roots and become a financial bonanza for billionaires.)

Meanwhile, advertisers bend over backwards to show that they are not racist by including on their advertisements far more pictures of what are now described as ‘ethnic’ people than of white people. The most popular image used in advertising seems to include a black man and a blonde, white woman. I would imagine that white male models must mostly be looking for alternative employment.

So-called news purveyors are no better. The BBC website rarely seems to include pictures of white males unless they are wanted by the police for vile crimes or are the President of some unpopular country such as Russia.

The other oddity is the enthusiasm of film and theatre casting directors to cast black people to play classic white roles. In the latest James Bond film, the famous 007 tag was, albeit temporarily, given to a black woman. How clichéd and predictable that was. Naturally, there would be an outcry (led by the left wing activists who now control the establishment, the media and the internet) if a white actor were cast to play, say, Martin Luther King.

And only the naïve and the innocent think the immigration problem is happening by accident. (And only the conspirators don’t see immigration as a problem.)

Look at the evidence.

British electors are constantly being told that the country is short of workers. Those who opposed the idea of Britain leaving the European Union now claim that 75% of British companies are desperately in need of workers they cannot find. The entirely spurious argument is that the British population, which has leapt in recent years and has resulted in England being the most over-crowded country in Europe, simply isn’t large enough to provide the workers who are needed.

And so, in the first months of 2022 alone over 500,000 people were allowed into England. And for the record huge numbers of high earners, big tax payers, left the country permanently.

The number of asylum seekers in the UK now waiting for a decision on their status now exceeds 100,000. Since 2015, more than 380,000 asylum seekers have been accepted onto our already overcrowded island.

Ninety per cent of those crossing the English Channel in little boats are young males – with huge numbers from Albania. This is a puzzle. No other EU countries accept Albanian refugees because they aren’t refugees. A ridiculously huge proportion of the Albanian male population has crossed the English Channel in small boats.

It’s a matter of record that the UK allows 76% of asylum seekers to stay in the country. Other European countries accept far fewer – with the average being 34%. The strain on the nation’s infrastructure is immense. There isn’t enough water. Roads are constantly crowded. Health and education facilities have collapsed. England, already the most overcrowded country outside Monaco, will soon sink into the sea under the weight of an ever expanding population. Anyone who mentions any of this is immediately dismissed as a nasty right winger. And a racist, of course.

This argument has been helped along by the fact that over two million otherwise healthy citizens are alleged to be suffering from a designer disease called ‘long covid’ – ignoring the fact that the only large scale research showed that there is no such disease which is, in reality, no more than a convenient label for those who would rather stay at home and watch television than go to work and are happy for the Government to pay them to do this. This two million does not appear in the unemployment figures because the individuals concerned are said to be too ill to work.

And so we are told that the answer to our shortage of workers is to encourage more immigration. Every boat load of immigrants must be welcomed, fed, accommodated and welcomed. Only by doing this will all those companies be able to find the workers they so desperately need.

And here comes the twist. In order to ensure that all the immigrants we allow into the country are properly registered we will all need to carry ID cards. ID cards were rejected years ago when their introduction was recommended by Tony Blair. The ID cards were promoted by the European Union and were and are an essential part of the future plans promoted by that organisation and by organisations such as the World Economic Forum. British people firmly rejected the idea of ID cards on the sound grounds that they would reduce freedom and privacy, would inevitably require an App and a smart phone and would be an essential part of the enslavement process. But now those ID cards are back. And we are advised that we must all have them (and carry them at all time, ready to offer them, on request, to police officers) and we must do this in order to ensure that all immigrants are properly registered.

And the conspirators know that this uncontrolled immigration will create racism, result in the development of ghettos, send the country into bankruptcy, help destroy our culture, history and patriotism, destroy the nation’s infrastructure by overloading it and add to the overcrowding which already exists.

For the conspirators, massive uncontrolled immigration is a hugely profitable exercise.

The intention of the conspirators who are behind this sort of manipulation is to create race tension, to promote dissent, anger, conflict and violence and to actually promote discontent and disruption – and racism. Governments claim that they are trying to stamp out racism but in practice their aims are exactly the opposite of this.

And although organisations such as Black Lives Matter might appear, on the surface, to be trying to stamp out racism these heavily sponsored organisations are also concerned only with creating division and a diversion from real race issues.

So, for example, it is common to see Black Lives Matter supporters pulling down statues while at the same time ignoring policies (such as the designer war between Russia and Ukraine) which is leading directly to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people living in Africa and Asia. The only conclusion is that the distraction is designed to create division. The conspirators want whites to hate blacks so that hundreds of millions can be killed without anyone caring.

What the Black Lives Matter supporters don’t realise is that the hidden agenda behind this particular piece of propaganda, the fear of the conspirators, is that millions of people in Africa and Asia will demand a Western lifestyle – with a diet of burgers and two cars in the garage. Such a lifestyle would quickly use up vast quantities of the world’s rapidly disappearing stores of oil.

And, remember, everything that has happened in the last three years is all about the oil.

As I’ve been screaming for nearly three years now, the fraudulent covid pandemic was merely part of the training programme to encourage greater compliance. They wanted to see how far they could push people. The lockdowns, the deadly jabs, the social distancing, the useless masks were all part of a massive training programme.

Look at what is happening in China where the zero covid lockdowns are clearly a massive compliance training programme – tightening up the social credit programme.

Meanwhile, the racism programme continues. It is a small part of the plan, moving us towards the Great Reset when everyone will be isolated, fearful and broken – with no beliefs, no culture and no history to sustain them. You will own nothing, you will believe nothing, you will be alone and you will be happy.

The medium and long term aim is to lead us all into the widely promoted ‘Great Reset’ – an entirely different sort of life with a world government controlling every aspect of our lives.

And that really is abuse.

If you want to know more about the background to the Great Reset please read my book Endgame. And remember, nothing is happening by accident. Everything bad and apparently surprising has been planned.