Responses to Article on Vitamin A

The article on vitamins, published on Thursday, which was sent to us by a reader, has received some strongly opposing responses. We are publishing some of them here for fairness and for possible correction:

Firstly, I wish to tell you a few things about myself:

I am almost 74, a former teacher who was invalided out of the profession with a terminal cancer diagnosis which came at the beginning of 1999. I retired in January 2003. I am a qualified homoeopath with serious and widespread interest in health matters. I am well informed. I recovered from cancer using a variety of therapies including homoeopathy, Tibetan medicine- I saw one of the Dalai Lama’s doctors in Birmingham three times a year for several years- I still perform Guo Lin cancer control qigong for an hour every day.

I know what is going on in this world and was one of the first people to start warning people of the serious health issues connected with the covid jab.

I am aware that one of the things which the enemy attacks most vigorously is the use of vitamins and other nutrients to improve health. Increasingly, the only way to so called health is seen as through vaccination, increasingly using mRNA. I really expect that before long, moves will be made to make vitamins illegal. Articles such as the above could well be part of the process of softening us up. I’m really not sure who the author of the above mentioned article is but, I believe the article itself may well be an example of misinformation.

There is little doubt that the best source of vitamins is from food sources- chemically produced vitamins are regarded as being inferior. Nevertheless, chemical vitamins are better than no vitamins at all.

I have a little historical knowledge of the use of vitamin A in food. Early in the 1900s, the powers that be were greatly concerned at the physical state of the British working poor and produced a government report. This came about because of the poor performance of British soldiers during the Boer War. Its fifty years since I read the information so I can’t remember the report’s name or the year, but one of the conclusions was that since the poor used margarine rather than butter, they were becoming deficient in vitamin A. From that point on, margarine had vitamin A added. This was nothing to do with a wish to poison the poor but a wish to improve their health. Margarine has been supplemented with vitamin A for well over a century, and for beneficial reasons.

When I was terminally ill, I took 10 grams daily of vitamin C. It is better taken intravenously than in pill form, but I didn’t seek out anyone willing to inject me. Vitamin C is highly effective in preventing the spread of the tumour into healthy tissue. The master of the use of vitamin C in cancer is the late Linus Pauling twice awarded the Nobel prize. He did work in Scotland with terminally ill patients, many who were alive several years later. Ralph C Moss, former publicist at Memorial Sloane Kettering Hospital- a cancer specialist hospital in the US, quotes cases of people surviving for years on large doses of vitamin c taken intravenously in his book The Cancer Industry. His only warning is that if one takes high doses of vitamin C, one should reduce doses very slowly.

I don’t have a GP. If ever I’m unwell, I see a good friend of mine who is a retired medical herbalist and who lectured at one of the northern universities on anatomy and diagnostics. A year ago I went to see him and he reported dangerously high blood pressure. Being a homoeopath it was easy to find a good remedy for the hypertension, but it was clear that my heart was not in a good condition. Yet again, Linus Pauling and vitamin C came to the rescue. Linus Pauling, who gained his first Nobel prize for the invention of synthetic blood plasma, claimed that the real cause of heart disease is scurvy and the body’s attempt to compensate. Pauling’s answer to this problem is large doses of vitamin C and the amino acid, Lysine. I take three grams of each in the morning and three grams of each in the evening. The effect on common heart symptoms such as extreme tiredness walking a short distance has been almost instantaneous. I’m just one of many people who are happy to pass on their experiences.

I also take vitamin D3 and have done for many years now. During covid, some countries issued D3 to people as a preventative. Together with large doses of vitamin C and zinc are very helpful in reducing respiratory infections. Although I began by stating the vitamins from good food are better than chemically sourced vitamins. Pauling made the point that in the treatment of heart disease, the cheaper forms of vitamin C are effective.

In view of the very suspicious article you have presented, I couldn’t resist sending my experience of vitamins, particularly C and D3, together with something of the UK background of food fortification vitamin A. I would hate to see people being frightened off of vitamins, particularly those who do not have particularly good diets. I expect I will not be the only one extremely disturbed by the appearance of the above mentioned article.


Dr Edward Griffin the cancer specialist has a cookbook on foods containing Cyanide which fights cancer. And Clive de Carle would not sell dodgy vitamins – he’s anti pharmaceutical drugs which are the real poison. Our soil has been depleted on essential minerals etc due to modern farming methods.

I think British Supplements are OK and they are anti establishment like you.


I study Vitamins since 40 Years Orthomolecular Medicin. It really helps. This is why they pay people for lies like this. Very Interesting that all the three Vitamins he talks about absolutely necessary for health. I suggest you read the Book by Dr. Michael Neals The indoctrinated Brain. It will open your Eyes even more. It just came out this month in English. He is a scientist and wrote many Books. Check him out please. He has a lot on YouTube in German. English, I do not know. Dr. Michael Neals proofed that nobody would have died with enough Vitamins. Yes, it is shocking what is going on. Maybe you could invite him to your channel. He is Great!


In response to vitamin A: This vitamin along with vitamin D is essential for good health. However, both are fat soluble so stay in the liver for long periods although essential and I take them myself. Both A and D in excess can cause liver damage. Take them by all means but have a break from time to time. I agree, I read the first article and it looks like whoever wrote it was scaremongering.


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