Royal and Media Unvaccinated Claims Are Rubbish

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with Wednesday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:28 – Sajid Javid Goes Missing For Comment On Christmas Party Allegations

01:33 – Royal and Media Unvaccinated Claims Are Rubbish

17:47 – Government Of Bermuda Admit Vaccines Kill As MHRA Fail To Answer Basic Questions

20:33 – What Are The MHRA Spending Their Millions On

23:12 – The UKHSA Green Book

29:16 – Swedish Study Suggests Vaccine Efficacy Drops Below Zero

31:00 – MSM Deletes It’s Own Poll Because It Gave The Wrong Answer

33:00 – The Changing Definition of Anti-Vaxxer

39:13 – Political Class Laughing Heartily At the Public

41:28 – John O’Looney (Undertaker) Update On Causes Of Death

45:17 – Anecdotal Evidence Of Rise in Stillbirths

50:04 – Orchestrated Chaos

54:46 – Sad Death Of David Pidcock

58:27 – Putin Biden Summit Amid Attempts To Spark A War

01:06:00 – Annual Chief Of Defence Staff Lecture 2021

01:13:55 – The Cutting Edge of Science – Don’t Laugh!

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