Scotland’s Clinical Director Deletes Covid WhatsApp Messages Before Stepping Down

Professor Jason Leitch is to step down next month from his role as Scotland’s national clinical director.

He says he now wants to look for new challenges across health and care. Recently he ran into controversy when it emerged that he had deleted his WhatsApp messages during the Covid pandemic.

Scotland Tonight spoke to health journalist Pennie Taylor about the news and what could be next for Leitch. (STV News/YT)

The PCR Test “is a bit rubbish” – Jason Leitch Scottish National Clinical Director:

Jason Leitch admits that the PCR test doesn’t work effectively. (NorbertDentressangle/Bitchute)

Ben Marble, MD – My Message To The Poison Pushers:

“My message to the poison pushing murdering  physicians, politicians, pastors, etc.” – Ben Marble MD – Dec. 16, 2023 (CovidBc/Rumble)

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