Sleepers, Awake!

By Lawrence Moore

Lyrics Sleepers, Awake

Sleepers Awake! Sleepers Awake!, people are planning to change your fate,
Sleepers Awake, before it’s too late, else we enter a world full of evil and hate.

Plans are in hand to change this land, the people too, that’s me and you.
Can we change it all? Is it make or break?
Come on people, we must awake!

Sleepers Awake, Sleepers Awake, before it’s too late, before it’s too late….

Make a stand, cash in hand, chuck your plastic cards,well ain’t that grand?
Let’s all shut those silicon gates, whose algorithms weave like snakes.

They wind their coils, deceive us all, don’t let them I.D. you, we must walk tall.
We really must all go for broke, throw out the ideas loved by the Woke.
Now’s the time for us to awake, for heaven’s sake, before it’s too late!

Well, Sleepers Awake, Sleepers Awake, before it’s too late! Before it’s too late!
Fight their might with the light, out of the darkness, our cause is right!

Else it’s marching in chains, whilst the powers that be,
survey their work with obvious glee,
Creating a virus where all jabs are free and Big Pharma laughs loud
having killed you and me,

Where we’re all enchained in their cloud cuckoo land, where happiness wilts –
drifts away like sand,

But their time will be short, as we fulfill our task,
To beat them and break them, – to live Life at last! Ohhhhh….hhhh !
Sleepers Awake! Sleepers Awake, before it’s too late – a new world we’ll make!

Lawrence Moore © 2024

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