Remember 2020? Never Again!

We Know Something’s Going On

People on the street, looking so scared
Masked faces, no smiles anywhere
Shops are closing, signs on the door
No more music in the clubs and the bars

Can’t touch, can’t kiss, can’t hold
Listen to the Government and do as you are told
The media message: ‘You better stay at home’
Don’t talk to your neighbours, live life on your own

Chorus: We know something’s going on (4x) and it’s wrong

Now we got the marshals walking round town
Checking up on us during the lockdown
More testing, so the cases will be high
Spreading the fear, ‘have the jab, or you might die’

Educating the masses with the message of the day
Telling you what to think, how to act and what to say
Keeping in line, get out of the way
In a 15-Minute city is how you’ll spend your day


While you sit in a bubble with your eyes on the screen
The places you know you’ll only see in a dream
Stand together now or it will be too late
Get out in the street and demon-strate

Democracy, rebranded conspiracy
Dividing and ruling

Released September 9, 2023
Dave Purple: Lyrics, music, guitar
Tim Bragg: Drums and Backing vocals
David Donachie: Bass and Backing Vocals

Listen to the sound track here:

Mask Phrenologic

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