Smart Technology Is Not for Our Benefit

Smart technology is not for our benefit – it’s a digital prison from which there will be no escape.
Social Credit Scoring

Rolling out in China and Italy, and companies are already having to deal with this coercion in the form of ‘ESG investing’. If they don’t play along, they go bankrupt. Now take it to a personal level – if you don’t want to clap at 8pm every Thursday for example, you will be docked points and lose privileges. Resist: All attempts at collectivisation. Be an individual.

Digital ID from Birth

The government has announced legislation to make digital identities as trusted and secure as official documents such as passports and driving licences. Your ID will tell the world exactly who you are and how compliant a community member. Resist: Lobby against all moves for a digital ID.

24/7 Surveillance

There are already more cameras everywhere than ever before, but biometrics such as facial recognition will turn the world into a panopticon prison with nowhere to hide, and georestriction becomes entirely possible with armed drones. Resist: Organise to stop councils erecting 5G towers and cameras.

Automated Vehicles

The UK government have announced plans for ‘realising the benefits of self-driving vehicles’ in a policy paper. Connected and automated mobility 2025. You will only be allowed to go where they say, and no further. Resist: Don’t drive electric cars and avoid automation.


Those who don’t value privacy because they ‘have nothing to hide’ are missing the point: no human will be watching. Computer code will monitor everything you do, and restrict you according to the live data from your digital ID. Resist: Refuse to use and allow automation wherever possible.

Social Impact Investing

Here’s where data capitalism gets really sinister: a market where AI would farm billions of livestock data commodities, using 5G and the Internet of Everything along with 360 biometric surveillance and your entire digital twin data from your ID, in real time. Resist: Stop giving your data freely to giant internet companies.

Digital Currency

If we have a completely cashless society, then everything will be enforceable by simply tying your digital wallet to your ID, allowances and scores. If you’ve run out of credits for what you want, you will not be allowed to purchase it. Risist: Use cash all the time to keep the infrastructure in place.

The Internet of Everything

The internet is a great tool, but if everything is online, including us, then there will be literally no escape. Smart street lights, smart motorways, smart TVs, smartphones. Replace ‘smart’ with ‘spy’ to see the truth of a nightmare dystopian world being put in place to fully track and control us. Resist: Stop using devices that can watch and listen to you.

Personal Carbon Allowance

As in ancient times, today people are expected to make sacrifices to appease the weather gods. Now, as then, it is based on a myth in order to control the people and keep the priesthood in increasing power and luxury. Resist: Research the faulty ‘settled science’ that CO2 causes climate change – ‘the great global warming swindle’.

Smart Cities

Imagine everything in your city is automated, from supermarkets to car parks to venues. Your Digital ID is the only way to get in, and AI scans your face to access your ID file and see if you have enough carbon and social credits. If you don’t, you will simply be refused, and there is no arguing with a computer programme that says no. Resist: This is Agenda 2030. Lobby councils in number now.

Online Censorship Laws

From Britain and Europe to Canada, Australia and New Zealand, governments everywhere have either passed or are trying to pass laws which will restrict any speech which goes against official government and big corporate views. Here is the one Orwell specifically warned us about. Resist: Lobby your representatives to maintain freedom of speech.

(Original image and text: The Light Australia)

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