Smart Cities

Farmers’ Revolution in Poland: ‘Withdraw the Green Deal as a Whole’

Revolution taking place in Poland NOW: 70,000 farmers have just shut down Poland – and the mainstream press ignores it! The establishment is obviously hoping you’d forgotten about all this. (Jeff Taylor/YT) Drivers in Poland experienced significant traffic disruptions countrywide on Wednesday due to a massive farmers’ protest against EU policies and the influx of

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Trump’s Call For Building ‘Freedom Cities’ Plays Right Into Globalists’ Plan for Fourth Industrial Revolution Control Grid

By Leo Hohmann Trump pledges to build new generation of cities on federal lands, where everyone is prosperous, safe and secure with lots of police and flying cars Everyone who is awake knows that all modern cities are being developed or redeveloped as ‘smart cities’ And what is a ‘smart city’? Maybe Trump doesn’t know,

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