Karl Lauterbach

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach Admits: Covid Vaccine Causes Serious Injury

German Health Minister Openly Admits The Vaccine Injuries and Deaths From The Covid Vaccines (cOrrosive/Bitchute): Full video in German – see English transcript below (Symphony News/YT): The finger pointing phase has begun By Steve Kirsch Implications Karl Lauterbach, Federal Minister of Germany for Health, is basically saying it wasn’t his fault because he didn’t sign

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Germany’s Past Still Haunts Germany Today

We’re Still Doing This? German Health Minister Insults and Berates the Unvaccinated: After having healthcare workers fired who rejected getting three jabs, the German Minister of Health Propaganda insulted and ridiculed their protests against his totalitarian and biofascist policies: “Thanks to the hard-working nurses, we saved many lives. But you, those protesting against the vaccine,

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