Archbishop Viganò: ‘Globalism Is a Satanic Preparation for the Rise of the Antichrist’

Interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Originally published in French. Paul DEROGIS: Excellency, during his recent appearance on the French programme ‘Géopolitique Profonde’, when asked about his “Roman” contacts, the president of Civitas, Alain Escada, replied that Bishop Viganò was the only Roman prelate today, apart from those ordained without Roman consent, to fight the

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What Role Does the Devil Play Today?

Bishop Fulton Sheen Explains The Devil (Catholic 365/YT): Bishop Fulton Sheen’s take on the devil. What does diabolical mean, what does satanic mean? Sheen explains the meaning of these words and the characteristics of the devil. He shows how the devil always lies and deceives, in order to achieve his evil goal. Fulton Sheen

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