Ziad Alzoghbi

The Push for War

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News. Topics in this video: 00:21 – NATO Summit Lunacy 21:05 – The Chemical Weapons Narrative Rumble On 28:11 – G7 Meeting 30:19 – Trudeau Gets Short Shrift In Brussels 33.05 – Ben’s Big Intel Dump 01:02:03 – Almost Certainly Russian Cyber Attacks Probably 01:09:09 –

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Truckers on the Go

Poem by Ziad Alzoghbi In Canada the Truckers brave the snow Knights in shining armour on the go Michael, Mary, David, Ruth and Joe All singing the mandate must go Trudeau scurried to hide down below The world has seen many a lying Trudeau All their mandates the Truckers will blow In peaceful protest the

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Say No, My Friend!

Poem by Ziad Alzoghbi Say No, my friend! Three weeks to flatten the curve Boris was elected to serve Not you but his masters to serve Thousands of lives Hancock did save Zahawi declared he was brave Media trumpets wave after wave Media trumpets wave after wave Wittless presented a deadly virus His mates in

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