The Banking Discrimination Spree Is Only Getting Worse

Metro Bank has now openly refused to open an account for Our Duty, an organisation committed to protecting children from irreversible gender transition and advocating against the LGBTQ+ agenda.

This is simply absurd, and this spree of banking discrimination is getting serious. Sign the petition here and now to Metro Bank CEO Dan Frumkin, to expose his bank’s shameful discriminatory practices and demand he stops with his attempts at social engineering.

Metro Bank said they declined Our Duty because “the content of their website conflicts with the culture and ideas they (Metro) are pushing”.

Our Duty is part of a growing movement of gender-critical parents who believe that medical transitioning for transgender children is harmful.

It is completely unjust and discriminatory for Metro Bank to deny them the same financial services that other organisations enjoy, just because of their values.

Metro Bank is not hiding the fact that they are in bed with the LGBT lobby and they are now public promoters of the LGBT Pride movement.

All this comes right after the bank signed up to the atrocious ‘charity’ group Stonewall’s Diversity Champion scheme, which openly promotes trans ideology to young children, among other corruptions and perversions.

They said: “The bank has staff networks for diversity and inclusion including for LGBTQ staff” and “At the weekend I (the staff) went on a march for Pride”, in their call with the Our Duty group.

Is this sufficient reason to block someone from obtaining an account!?

That is why I am asking you to sign our petition demanding that Metro Bank stops imposing its ideological preferences on customers.

This is an urgent issue: banks are now HEAVILY engaged in discriminating against conservative people and organisations. Join us in sending a clear message to Metro Bank: Stick to banking, not ideological social engineering.

Our message is simple; banks should concentrate on their core business of managing money and not use their power to discriminate against individuals and organisations for ideological reasons.

By calling on CEO Dan Frumkin we can hold Metro Bank accountable, prompt public scrutiny, and ultimately affect their reputation in a way that compels them to reconsider their discriminatory policies and practices.

This campaign will be impactful, because like any bank, Metro Bank relies on public trust … and they are the first to have broken it!

Let’s make them pay the price!

With a large number of signatures, Metro Bank will have to reconsider its stance.

Imagine the consequences if they don’t: more banks could follow suit, leading to widespread discrimination based on personal beliefs.

But there’s a better outcome. If we succeed, we can help ensure that banks think twice about discriminating against customers due to differences in opinion.

The recent spree in banking prejudice cases is rocketing, and this is worrying.

Sign this petition here.

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