The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe – Coming Soon!

Christmas Bells

The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe
The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe: A Satirical Fairy Tale (for all ages)

When Henflu breaks out in Henton, Sly Fox and Big Bad Wolf come to the rescue… but can the hens of Henton trust the wolf’s ‘miracle cure’?

We all know who Big Bad Wolf and Sly Fox could be, and we all know a few brave ‘Henny Pennies’ and ‘Ben Cocks’. The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe is a witty, satirical tale that hits the nail on the head regarding the events of recent years.

The perfect wakey-wakey gift for under the Christmas tree! With black and white illustrations.

Order now and get it before Christmas. (UK: expect your order to arrive from the 14th December 2022.)

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