The Biggest Threat to Children and Young Adults Is Not Coronavirus But Culture Itself, and the Mental-Health Disasters It Feeds Off

By Tom Penn

As arm-ageddon continues apace, the Westminster Guild of Magicians must surely by now have ranked Houdini Hancock’s inaudible ‘freedom cry’ as one of the greatest ever stunts performed by a Parliamentary illusionist to date. Remember? The one where he sucker-punched us all fatally in the gut with his false hope?

According to a BBC report from the 9th July, scientists from University College London, and the Universities of York, Bristol and Liverpool – in what they called the most comprehensive study yet of teenage Covid fatalities in England – found that only 25 under 18’s died from the virus during the first 12 months of the pandemic. Most were suffering from pre-existing, life-limiting health conditions – “equating to an absolute risk of death from Covid-19 of one in 481,000, or approximately two in a million.” [1]

Let us now perform a basic risk-assessment – a survival skill Government are attempting to commandeer from us forever – by comparing these figures to the ONS’s provisional figures (to be finalised in late 2021) for suicide rates in the age group 10-19 in England, for 2020; in which 158 deaths are recorded: 13 in the 10-14 age bracket, and 145 in the 15-19 age bracket. [2]

The biggest threat to children and young adults it seems, is not Coronavirus but culture itself, and the mental-health disasters it feeds off. According to the data, there is a far greater chance that a juvenile will take his or her own life, rather than die from a virus that a) presents no mortal threat to the healthy among their demographic, and b) they are likely immune to anyway.

Yet the great, patriotic call to ‘arms’ must continue regardless it seems; even when we know the jab prevents neither infection nor transmission, and is ultimately therefore a medication and not a vaccine – treatments to reduce the risk of hospitalisation having already been identified at the very beginning of the Political Plague.

If we’re not protecting granny anymore, and if the NHS clearly didn’t collapse as we were tortured into believing, then parents, ask yourself what your child’s Covid ‘vaccination’ is really all about. Surely you cannot believe that such preposterously dicey measures are needed in order to now protect the mere idea of a health service under strain?

How many will end up endorsing their offspring’s ‘informed’ decision to receive the experimental, emergency-use-only injection, during the height of a non-emergency – to which over 1,500 adverse fatalities can currently be attributed, and whose clinical trials will not be complete until sometime in 2023 – over helping to inoculate them against the destructive cultural habits that we all seem to hold so very dear? Most, will be the answer; if we follow the data, and not the academic calendar.

That we live in a challenging age is somewhat of an understatement. Depression, stress, alienation, frustration, spiritual famine, and a runaway addiction to media, are just a handful of the psychological-pathogens that we have not only normalised, but pursue with a buccaneering spirit that would do Boris proud. To say that wholly unnecessary and repressive non-pharmaceutical – and now pharmaceutical – interventions on life couldn’t possibly exacerbate such mortal threats, would be a statement cause for one’s sectioning.

Sharon Salzberg is a world-renowned meditation teacher, NY Times bestselling author, and a central figure in having brought Buddhist meditation techniques to the West. In 1990 she attended a conference with the Dalai Lama, and asked him his thoughts on self-hatred. Baffled, he had repeatedly to ask his translator for an explanation, before finally turning back to her: “Self-hatred?” he said, “what is that?”

What societal toxins are coursing around our children’s minds? And why aren’t we intervening, instead of green-lighting they squirt a speculative elixir into the very fabric of their being for no good reason at all – other than to help incubate the dormant sleeping sickness of an irreversible level of obedience to the state?

That Coronavirus has suddenly become the cardinal menace to our children’s wellbeing would be a proposition outrageous to the point of comical, were the sinister politics behind the enforced prophylactic not so terrifying. It simply beggars belief that the Covid-19 vaccine has become the brand of their salvation.

The now deeply-rooted mental problems that teenagers must contend with, require intensive, long-term combative strategies. The vaccine on the other hand is just a quick fix – a rainbow coloured plaster to cover a wound that doesn’t even exist.

The next generation need urgent shielding from themselves, and from the swirling mass of schizophrenic culture that squalls around them. And if inevitably they’ve learned how to self-hate from mum and dad, then likely so do their parents.

Using the same ONS document, for the entire remaining population aged over 19, the suicide figure for 2020 in England stands at 4,744. That’s three times the amount of reported fatalities in the days post-vaccination.

A year and a half into this sham emergency and we must still repeatedly ask ourselves: where is the real pandemic? Or rather, where are the real pandemics? And how do we start building immunity against them?

The answers to our adolescents’ woes don’t lie at a pop-up vaccination clinic – where they might obtain a ‘free’ £10 Asda voucher in exchange for a wee prick-in-the-arm from the titans of the New World Order – they lie in spiritual, and cultural revolution: the true freedom-fight.