Tom Penn

Hospitals in Hull Declare Psychological Civil War on Their Patients

By Tom Penn While medical apartheid spreads with unabating fury across Europe, British Secretaries of State, via their tannoy system the mainstream media, have chosen not to condemn but to prattle on about Christmas parties and the perils of mistletoe-snogs, and this is how we know they unequivocally endorse our neighbours’ politico-medical moves. There is

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State-Sponsored Killing via Pharmaceutical Intervention

A summary of the plandemic by Tom Penn. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has published a senior researcher’s damning account of Pfizer’s autumn 2020 Covid-19 vaccine trials, which blows the whistle on a plethora of poor practices within contract company Ventavia Research Group’s Texas laboratories. As consequence of chairman and chief executive of Pfizer Albert

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