The Real Crime Exposed by Partygate Is Not That Some of the Rule-Makers Became Rule-Breakers

In an article on the UK Column News website, entitled The Truth About Partygate That Everyone Seemingly Ignores, Iain Davis explains the real issue about politicians breaking the lockdown rules:

Neither the mainstream media nor any politician has gone anywhere near discussing the the real issues. There has been a collaborative wall of silence ensuring that a majority of the people never realise the true nature of the wrongdoing. The objective is to exclude those who do speak about the most obvious implication of Partygate from the conversation. (…)

Their behaviour demonstrates that those who attended the Downing Street parties did not believe that there was a pandemic. Irrespective of their words, their actions revealed that they were not concerned either about transmitting or contracting any disease. For them, there was no pandemic risk; there was no pandemic.

In a real pandemic or epidemic, people are fearful—for good reason: there is a risk that social activities could prove to be lethal. That was not the case during the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) alleged Covid-19 pandemic, just as it wasn’t the case in the WHO’s 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic.

In both instances, pandemic mortality was only found in the computer models and spurious test-based attributions of cause of death, not in the real data. Covid-19 was another pseudopandemic.

Instead, people were convinced to be fearful by a government propaganda, censorship, and applied psychology operation. Some of those leading the terror campaign were the same members of the political establishment who enjoyed the offending drinks parties. They did so on the implicit understanding that they were at no risk themselves. Why else would they attend or even organise these gatherings in the first place?

They were among the people who supposedly had direct access to the best scientific advice. No one had a better opportunity to be fully briefed on the dangers of Covid-19 than the Partygate and Labour Party “meeting” attendees. Yet they were not remotely concerned.

They weren’t the only Covid rule-makers who saw no risk from the disease they told everyone else to fear. Other nonchalant individuals included leading scientists, scientific advisors and numerous MPs—all of whom pushed the Covid fear agenda. (…)

Whether they did or not, regardless of whatever technical defence they offer, by their actions all of these people have illustrated that they did not believe that there was ever any serious risk from a pandemic disease. Yet all have persistently maintained that this threat existed.

The real crime exposed by Partygate is not that some of the rule-makers became rule-breakers. It is that some of the leading architects of the lockdown and social distances policies that destroyed the economy—and instilled fear in nearly every citizen—did not, for one moment, believe that there was ever any public health justification for doing so.

It is quite remarkable that not a single Member of Parliament or a single mainstream media report has even mentioned the glaringly obvious. The establishment, both political and journalistic, has steadfastly maintained this obfuscation for nearly two years. The apparent collusion between Parliament, the political establishment and the media has effectively reframed the Partygate debate to exclude the most serious consequences from public attention.

If those who designed and advocated the lockdown rules weren’t even moderately concerned about the public health risk of an alleged pandemic, then what were these policies intended to achieve? If these people understood that there was no public health justification for disastrous lockdown policies, why did they promote them—knowing they would lead to enormous economic and social costs?

Who are these people, and who do they represent?

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