The Twelve DOSES of Christmas

The Twelve Doses of Christmas. An educational Christmas Carol. Lyric by Karen Dickson; Sung by the Angry Albertan Ensemble.

Every Saturday since May 2020 the Angry Albertans have gathered on the grounds of Alberta Legislature in defiance of this government’s totalitarian “public health” measures…. We meet each Saturday at 1 PM, the speeches and livestream begin at 1:30 PM.
Please bring a HOMEMADE sign and as many FRIENDS as you can muster! (The Angry Albertan/YT)

Back-up video:

Parody of 12 Days of Christmas

Another good one about the effects of the VAX. Lyrics by Karen Dickson, music by Joshua Switzer-Crowe, sung by the Angry Albertan Ensemble. (Jim Rizoli/Bitchute)

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