Dr. Matthew Wielicki: I Refuse to Stay Silent about Climate Change

When Dr. Matthew Wielicki refused to stay silent about climate change and earth science, he became a professor-in-exile. Even though members of the scientific community routinely discuss the negative effects of irrational fear in private, they dare not speak out lest they lose their positions and research funds. Dr. Wielicki shares his story and encourages the next generation to reject the doomsday narrative and maintain hope for the future. (infodox/Bitchute)

Comment by Roy R M McIntosh:

The title of the video caught my attention so I decided to have a look/listen and wow, it was what I said to a student not that long ago.

I was at a birthday party in the woods near Edinburgh and I got chatting to an Italian gentleman and both being in the pensioner brackets we started chatting and the climate came up! We both kind of laughed when we looked at the students that were there and we both agreed that since school people are being programmed and it has got much worse the last 30 years!

I happened to say that 50+ years ago the climate freaks said there would be no ice or polar bears. Well, the ice is still there and the polar bears have not stripped off the fur coat and are not sun bathing! We also spoke about sea temperature and I said that when I was young I would swim in the North Sea and it was freezing. About 60 years later I went in and it is still freezing!

We did not realise that a few students had been listening to us talking, and after a bit one of the students came and asked if she could interview us. The Italian was not available as was heading back to Italy in few days.

I did an interview with the student and the thing that struck me was when the student said that we are not allowed to think or speak out with a certain narrative! She said I can take things from our interview and use them as it is not me that is saying it!? See if it is used?
But BOOM! A lecturer saying more or less the same as what I had said!

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