There Are How Many Genders?

Alien Confused As Earth Leaders Try To Explain All The Human Gender:

General Florg of the planet Graxon V has visited Earth – but he’s having trouble understanding humans as he’s never encountered a species with so many genders. Earth leaders try to explain. (The Babylon Bee/YT)

Comment by a reader:

First we get to suffer over three years of Covid Crazy. Now we have Queer Crazy to deal with. Then it will be “Eat Your Bugs To Save The Planet”. (I like the part about the “aliens” deciding to put humanity out of its misery.)

And what happened to all the media frenzy over “get the jab”, “save Ukraine”, “What you need to know about Mel Gibson’s horrible anti-Semitism”… and a whole lot of other things suddenly gone silent? The “jab” has obviously killed/crippled a lot of people … (more than the “Covid” bug), Ukraine has literally been destroyed over the last year, and Mel Gibson is about to release a sequel to “Passion of the Christ” starring none other than the very rising star (Jim Caviezel) of “The Sound of Freedom” who ‘they’ cannot defame enough. And then, there is the obvious “immigration-for-diversity failure” playing out in France – under strict government censorship, while other European nations look on in horror, but whose governments stay silent about. Has the ‘elite’ started to lose its grip?

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