Two Years Into the Decade of ‘Selfcare’

By Tom Penn

Self-isolation is in the process of being rebranded ‘self-care.’ By hook or by crook and as is now the custom, by stealth, this form of health-genocide is not only being perversely marketed a stratagem designed for our own good, but is set to become a permanent fixture in our lives.

The Proprietary Association of Great Britain (PAGB, aka the consumer healthcare association) – a coalition of health bodies whose members include the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and NHS Clinical Commissioners – published a report this month reiterating their drive that the 2020s shall be ‘the decade of self-care.’

Their stated objective?: to reduce pressure on the NHS. Their actual objective?: to dismantle the NHS and manufacture a population addicted to over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, and as the inevitable death toll due to undiagnosed illness accelerates, OHID and the UKHSA can then mobilise to blame and further disenfranchise the entire nation.

According to the report: ‘the advice to citizens during the peak of the pandemic was to “stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives” – a message of self-care’, a method PAGB both advised and continue to champion as part of their post-pandemic attempt to provoke a ‘wholesale cultural shift, both in the public’s perception of health and wellbeing, and healthcare professionals’ perceptions of the role they can play to create change.’

I fail to see how recommending a person who feels extremely ill during a public health emergency skip entirely the treatment phase – an option not even on the table in the first place of course – suggesting instead they wait at home for the Reaper’s knock, as a form of self-care. State-coaxed suicide would be a more apt description of this compulsory schooling in crisis engineering.

With morbid honesty, the report highlights that ‘this increased willingness to self-care needs to be embedded into people’s everyday lives so the behaviour continues as we recover from the pandemic and people don’t just go back to doing what they did before’, and it is children this coalition of inhumanity seem particularly preoccupied with: the pathogenic whipping-boys and girls of this winter’s encroaching interventions and mandates.

Put forward as a case study hopefully to be universally implemented in the future is the Royal College of Physicians’ ‘Dr Me Project‘ of June 2020, wherein during workshops in schools, primary age children were taught how to self-care for common self-treatable conditions such as ‘vomiting and diarrhea; sore throat and fever; and minor head injuries’, and themselves tasked with deciding whether they should then ‘stay at home, visit the GP or attend the emergency department.’

Not only is it the parents of primary age children who decide whether their progeny should visit a GP or not, but such facilities are currently all but out-of-bounds for most regardless: an unforgivable, time-buying ploy from the RCP and their accomplices to encourage young people to suffer in silence on Calpol, Paracetamol and Immodium whilst the NHS is hurriedly razed and then reimagined online.

This suits handsomely the interests of PAGB, who ‘represent the manufacturers of branded OTC medicines, self-care medical devices and food supplements in the UK’, but is a nevertheless harrowing vision of the dystopian world our children are being corralled towards: one in which casual self-diagnoses of potentially life-limiting conditions, pharmaceutical dependencies, and a use-and-throw approach to mental wellbeing shall be the norm in what is currently revealing itself to be a pivot to the Pharmacy.

Another candidate case study, which ran in Cheshire in March of this year, attempted to address the number of children aged zero to four being taken to A&E. The use of an app still in usage called CATCH (Common Approach to Children’s Health) was encouraged so that parents could adequately self-care for their children at home. Yet faith in such pocket-guide medicine merely encourages parents to play doctor with their children’s wellbeing, and hence scores of casualties would be inevitable.

That virtually all working in the health sector appear silent on these matters is malpractice on a mass scale, but as with all GPs up and down the country cowering under their desks for three days a week, or working online from home instead of executing their duty of care face-to-face for the five or six days necessary for a society to maintain dignity, if the salaries don’t change then neither shall the ethical regression of these soon-to-be implemented and despicable child welfare policies. Shame on all who have cowardly cut out their own tongues to make room for the stuffing in of more post-Covid gold.

Shame on the entire toothless healthcare profession, the slothful majority of whom have utterly abdicated all duty of care to those in their charge and continue to display a total disinterest in their own vocation: the penalties for which shall be borne by our children, who will soon choke on their over-the-counter capitulation to Government’s campaign of desensitisation for the rest of their lives – Gillick competence built back better as mandatory self-harm.