Unique Prayer Day – 22 February 2022

The following prayer initiative is from a dedicated reader who invites fellow Christians, people of other faiths and all people of good will to unite in prayer:

A Prayer for Humanity

To pray on this special date, 22/2/2022 at 2pm (14.00h, your local time)

On this day, the 22nd day of the second month in this unique year 2022, we pray to You God in unison with every other human on this planet.

We all kneel today in prayer and implore You, God, that the evil, that is now taking hold of our world, be removed and banished from our psyche and from our reality. We all ask that you shine light into the hearts and enlighten those who have an evil heart, and those who seek to do us harm. Replace their thoughts with love, as only love can overcome the darkness that they wish to impose on humanity, their fellow humans.

We know that with Your love, God, and all our love and prayers, we can shine light into and against this evil, because where there is light, there is no darkness or evil. We can banish this evil and bring light back into this world, this beautiful world that you have bestowed upon us, for which we thank You, God.

We Humanity

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