UK Prays

UK Prays—Invitation to Pray for the UK

(Organised by UK Prays)

Why:  To put our country, which is currently undergoing the most severe crisis in its history, under the protection of Our Lady. We pray the Rosary for cohesion and reconciliation in society, for peace, and true freedom. We pray for the people, for the rulers, and for the kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ in society…

When:  Every Sunday at 4.30pm, or whenever most convenient.

Where: We want to be public witnesses for our Faith throughout our country: every city, town and village. Exact location found on Telegram and the website.

Who: Whoever is concerned about the future of our country. Invite friends, neighbours and relatives.

How: Praying the rosary and singing hymns. Maximum duration: 30 mins.

How long: Until a peaceful resolution to our crisis is achieved and attacks on our legitimate freedoms are abandoned.

Download the flyer: Public Rosary Flyer

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