Climate Terrorism – Deliberate Fires

Globalists Launch Climate Terrorist Attack Against Citizens in Maui Destroying Lives and Property

Hundreds of people are feared dead and entire towns have burned to the ground in Maui, Hawaii, in what is clearly a climate terrorist attack by billionaire Globalists against the citizens of Hawaii, primarily on the island of Maui.

Similar to what we have previously reported about past fires in California and Canada where the evidence is overwhelming that these fires are not natural at all, photos and video footage coming out of Maui right now clearly show that this is not a natural “wildfire” in their tropical climate, as buildings and cars burn to ashes while trees and other wooden structures are still standing. (Read the full article here:

Theories are spreading online that the devastating fires on Maui allegedly started “too suddenly” and “burned too harshly” to be classified as a natural wildfire. The general consensus among Maui locals is that these deadly fires were not a natural disaster, but a deliberate act. 

As we all seek the truth, it’s important to stay grounded in facts and reality. Here are some details worth contemplating:

  • A viral video suggests that it depicts lasers setting fires to Maui… is actually a video of a transformer exploding in Chile.
  • The head of the Maui Emergency Management resigned just one day after he defended his decision of not deploying evacuation sirens.
  • Cell communications went down.
  • While the fires were raging, the water supply was turned off, leaving residents and firefighters unable to save businesses, homes, and lives.
  • Citizen-chartered boats on course to rescue residents were turned away.
  • Maui’s Police Chief also oversaw the controversial Las Vegas massacre in 2017.
  • President Biden offered only $700 in emergency assistance per Maui household the same week he allocated another 24 billion dollars to Ukraine.
  • The World Economic Forum was spearheading a plan to use Maui as a prototype for AI-controlled clean energy.
  • In January 2023, a conference held in Maui focused on transforming the entire island into a “15-minute smart city.”
  • Real estate developers have been pushing hard to acquire Lahaina. Indigenous locals have denied every offer to sell their sacred land.


Only time will tell what really happened on the beloved island of Maui. Do technologies exist that could be responsible for these fatal fires? Yes, they do. Are there people heartless enough to orchestrate such an unthinkable act of mass murder? Unfortunately, there are. Man-made catastrophes – which often present similar signs as these tragic fires – occur more often than any of us would like to believe. (Mikki Willis, Father/Filmmaker)

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What Fuelled the Hawaiian Wildfires That Killed Dozens and Destroyed Historic Lahaina Town, Maui?

Much of the historic town of Lahaina, the previous home to around 12,000 people in western Maui, has been destroyed by wildfires that erupted last Tuesday night. This tragedy has been said to be the largest “natural disaster” in Hawaii’s history, but, not everyone is convinced that this was a “natural disaster” at all, instead believing that it was fuelled by a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW).

The fires caught islanders and tourists by surprise, some individuals even fled into the ocean to escape the flames. Thousands of Maui residents were forced to evacuate and tragically at least 99 people have died and hundreds of families have been displaced.

“With power and cell service out in western Maui, officials don’t know how many people who may have tried to escape are still missing, said officials who added, that “the devastation is so widespread – and so catastrophic – that it’s hard to estimate just how many buildings were burned to the ground or damaged, but they estimate hundreds of structures have been impacted,” according to CBS .

“What we saw was likely the largest natural disaster in Hawaii’s state history,” says Governor Josh Green. However, not everyone is convinced that this was a “natural disaster” at all.
What Really Caused the Wildfires?

What Really Caused the Wildfires? The official story from mainstream media is that a fallen power line started a small flame, it was then fanned on by the large winds from a hurricane, but what really caused the massive wildfires that have burned through much of the paradise island, Maui in Hawaii? Well according to Edward Hendrie from Great Mountain Publishing: Lahaina Was Destroyed by a Directed Energy Weapon.

(Read the full article here:

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