Watch: Freedom Convoys Across Europe

Live: UK Freedom Convoy Protest Takes Over London

UK: Protesters march against COVID restrix in Manchester as ‘UK Freedom Convoy’ passes through city (Ruptly/YT)

The UK Convoy 2020 was incredible with over 1400 cars and 6000 people involved showing their support – and it was brought together in just 3 days!

We would like to give the police and highway control cars a huge thank you for looking after the safety of our convoys and other road users. The UK convoy 2022 conveys mostly all had police escorts for the whole journey from north to south. They even closed roundabout to help us from north to south. They even closed roundabouts to help us move the convoy through safely and stay together. We really are grateful. They have been super at escorting our convoys throughout the night too. At one point we had over 9000 subscribers listening in to our convoy chat. It felt awesome to be a part of it.


UK FREEDOM CONVOY 2 Starting From Newcastle The Great North Road (caroline corke/YT)

This convoy 2 started from Newcastle via Leeds to Manchester. The next stage of the convoy continued from Manchester and set off at 6pm, to join the rest of the convoys down to London.This convoy is showing unity with the people of the UK and other countries, calling for an end to all covid-19 pandemic restrictions, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.


More Freedom Convoys – A Call for Solidarity from Austria

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