We Are the Carbon They Want to Remove

By Ray Wilson

It’s August Bank Holiday Monday, and the sun is shining and the sky is a different shade of blue.

We are heading off to the Ardenrun show ground for the annual agricultural show. The future, a world of 20-minute neighbourhoods and 15-minute cities, is being cooked up by a bunch of psychopathic and narcissistic parasites who are designing a world to remove our vital connection to nature, to our plants, and to our animals. Will we acquiesce and submit to control, severing our connection to God, Gaia, and our souls? Without public consultation, the UK has 13 low emission zones (LEZs), clean air zones (CAZs), and zero emission zones (ZEZs), including the London ULEZ. Nine zones charge entry fees for non-compliant vehicles, with PCNs issued for non-payment. Eight zones have generated more than £418,501,974 in income since March 2021. Most zones have different charging criteria, with London’s ULEZ requiring diesel and petrol models to meet Euro 6 and Euro 4 standards. Our governments have conspired against us, and this is no longer a theory.

As we make our way, my missus nudges me. “Look at that lot,” she says, pointing upward.

I look at the white bands of haze streaking across the sky, diminishing its blueness. The idea that these condensation trails left by plane after plane after plane that cross-hatched the earlier cloudless blue are part of some covert government programme to release chemicals is crazy—no, they wouldn’t do that, would they?

What is it that is being sprayed? Is it light-scattering particles that dim the sun?  Well, it’s certainly cooler today and not boiling, as the media tries to peddle.

“I don’t remember the skies being like that in the sixties,” I comment, looking at a sky full of grids waiting for the noughts and crosses.

“It’s a toxic mix of aluminium, barium, strontium, mercury, sulphur, lithium, and composite polyurethane nanoparticles.” My missus is off on one: “I’m not joking. A local nurseryman had a generic assessment of common contaminants to allow an assessment of soil contamination levels and the suitability of soil for growing vegetables and was horrified at what turned up.”

There seems to be no shortage of things to spray with toxic chemicals—the once popular but now discredited DDT and herbicides containing dioxins—to keep us safe and healthy. I don’t think so; the government’s agenda and the agendas of their string-pullers are clear.

My dad told the story of a long-ago August in Pont-Saint-Esprit, where multiple cases of ergotism—poisoning caused by a fungus illness—were reported. Despite the fact that the active component in ergot, lysergic acid, is used to manufacture LSD, whether or not ergotism is to blame for the 1951 mass poisoning is debatable. It is suggested that an international conspiracy is to blame. Despite the fact that no one knows what caused it, the bread is not blameless. But what happened during the summer of 1951 that may have led to this? Led to such a mass poisoning?

The startling outbreak of hallucinations killed five individuals and badly injured many more.

Leon Armunier, a postman in the southern French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit, was suddenly overcome with sickness and strange hallucinations.
“It was dreadful. “I felt like I was shrinking and shrinking, with fire and serpents coiling around my arms,” he recalls.  In the 1970s, during the aftermath of the Watergate scandal, the CIA’s illegal activities came to light. This included the revelation of a programme called MK Ultra, which aimed to explore mind control and behaviour modification through the use of drugs, including LSD. Some documents related to MK Ultra were declassified and made public. These documents confirmed that the CIA had conducted secret experiments involving LSD, often without the knowledge or consent of the subjects.

In 2009, Hank Albarelli, an American investigative journalist, unearthed a CIA document labelled “Re: Pont-Saint-Esprit and F. Olson Files.” File SO Span/France Operation, including Olson. Intel data. Hand-deliver these to Belin and tell him to make sure these are buried.”

David Belin, Rockefeller Commission executive director, was tasked with examining CIA abuses in the Pont-Saint-Esprit and F. Olson Files. Was evidence demonstrating LSD experimentation found? Were toxic hallucinogenic substances sprayed onto the loaves of bread?  In the 2000s, French journalist H.P. Albarelli Jr. published a book titled “A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments.” The book suggested that the CIA might have been involved in the Pont-Saint-Esprit incident. If so, why, and by whom? Our governments would not or could not do similar things, could they?
It’s busier than last year,” my missus comments as we walk by the showjumping arena.

“I reckon so too; the numbers are up for equestrian and cattle.”
The dairy and beef stalls draw attention, surrounded by people, children, and dogs. Our hound is in sensory overload and is in a state of ecstasy as she sniffs at the straw strewn along the edges of the pens.

“Look at the little furry one!”  A tiny child waves excitedly at a brown, shaggy highland calf.

We edge our way towards the terriers racetrack as the lure is being set. Our ears ring with the sound of hammers on anvils. Further along, a troupe of blacksmiths swing hammers, wield tongs, and extract red-hot metal from the fires with mechanical bellows fanning the flames.

Just prior to the scamdemic, there was a report that a Scottish suckler cow herd had ergot poisoning, causing cattle to be put down. Ergot is typically associated with contaminated grain, but in this case, it was from late-cut baled grass silage. Risk factors include late-cut silage and wet weather, especially after a wet autumn.

The show is extensive, and we wander back past pens of sheep with over 40 different breeds. There is much talk between farmers, as well as a lot of interest among the broader agricultural community. Many farmers still clearly recall the foot and mouth epidemic and the UK government’s slaughter on suspicion’ policy. Evidence from scared villagers reveals the role of Professor Neil Ferguson’s modelling, hidden policy intentions, and its devastating blow to farmers. Imperial College’s mathematical models were used as a pretext for millions of cattle to be unnecessarily, inhumanely, and unhygienically slaughtered to “prevent the spread” of foot-and-mouth disease. This is the same Neil Ferguson and Imperial College, London, who were behind the UK’s COVID-19 policy recommendations.
“Governments, or more correctly, the controllers of governments, must never have dominion over us,” my missus says as we walk along the exit road.

“Come on, pup.” I call as our hound inspects the grass verge. Dust swirls up as some of the larger vehicles move out. The sky has strangely patterned clouds as the sun bursts through.

“No, we must not let it pass,” I respond, lost in thought.

No to ULEZ because it will be pay-per-mile next, closely followed by ULEZ schemes for homes, for our farmers and their farms, and for their animals. We are the carbon they want to remove, along with our animals. The global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal is catalysed by the lies around climate change. and based on actual data, it would not be viable without enormous financial incentives and subsidies. We are all involved in research and development to improve energy efficiency in buildings, transportation, and industries, upgrade infrastructure, transition to electric vehicles, implement regenerative agricultural practises, reduce food waste, plant trees, protect forests, develop carbon capture technologies, store carbon in geological formations, promote waste reuse and recycling, collaborate globally, and support developing nations in adopting sustainable practises.

We, the people, have the power to decide what we will allow without the twisted propaganda of government agencies and the double-talk and lies of puppet politicians.

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