We Will Expose the Covid Con and Hold Those Responsible to Account for This Fraud

By Randy Hillier

At Home and abroad the battle continues in the fight for freedom!

Thank you very for your continued support and generosity, it makes a world of difference knowing that there are many fine people standing with me and fighting back against the legal machine and monster that is abusing so many people across our country.

We had a few more wins in court this week in Ottawa and even bigger wins are on the horizon. I informed the court this week that some of the Crown’s evidence is not genuine or authentic and appears to be fabricated. In addition, I have set dates for motions to have much of the Crown’s evidence unredacted and reveal more evidence that is not being disclosed.

Finally, I will also be tabling evidence that demonstrates that the vaccine was causing significant injuries and this was known to all governments.

We will expose the Covid Con and hold those responsible to account for this fraud.

This is where the rubber hits the road and I’ve had to get additional assistance and support to ensure these motions are perfected and accepted by the courts. This includes extensive research both in case law and government publications.

On February 18th I will be attending a Freedom reunion and celebration in Waterloo and hope if you’re in the area you can join us. Its open to the public and we would love to see many Freedom friends there.

Next week I’m invited to speak at the US senate hearings regarding the covid coverup and will be sharing first hand knowledge that demonstrates our governments were engaged in a coverup, as well I will be speaking at the International Covid summit in Washington that week.

Fool or fiend – How do our courts view people?

Another round with the legal machine. I share a story about a Crown attorney Julie Scott who doesn’t believe their are ever any innocent people in our courts. But we made headway today and also exposed how the prosecution has been either fabricating or tempering with evidence in their quest to get a conviction against me for speaking out. (Randy Hillier/YT)

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