Fighting Back, Against the Machine

The Ottawa Crown is pursuing trumped up and fabricated charges against me with the intent to muzzle and bankrupt me. Its time to take a voices back and not feed this predatory legal monster any longer. (Randy Hillier/YT)

Big week against the legal machine coming up

This Thursday, November 30th, I will be representing myself against trumped-up and malicious criminal charges from the Freedom Convoy. The legal machine and monster represented by the Crown is seeking a 3 ½ year prison term for these politically motivated accusations if I am found guilty. 

During this appearance, I will ask the Judge to rescind and/or amend my bail conditions, as they are highly prejudicial to my defence and are frustrating the administration of justice.

These conditions prevent me from collecting evidence or speaking with material witnesses. Furthermore they prevent me from speaking or posting on social media many aspects of the Crown’s allegations against me that are in the public’s interest.

In addition, the Crown still has not provided me with disclosure and instructed my previous lawyer to shred all disclosure, rather than transmitting this needed information to me.

The Crown is also seeking a publication ban on all pre-trial evidence in order to evade public scrutiny which however I will oppose.

Although the Crown has elected this next appearance to be a zoom court, I will be attending the Ottawa courthouse in person for the hearing. The courts are always open to the public and you are welcome to attend in person in courtroom 33 at 11:45 or with the attached zoom link.

You can help out in my fight against this legal monster and machine by helping in the expenses to summon expert witnesses, the administrative costs of the process, and research by visiting

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You can also help out to put an end to this legal machine and monster by contacting the following people and giving them a piece of your mind: 

Ottawa police Service Krista Ferraro (613) 560-1270, email

Premier Doug Ford@fordnation 416-325-7635 email

Deputy Attorney General Randy Schwartz 416-326-2616,

In Liberty,

Randy Hillier

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