The Snake Head Has Been Cut Off – Must Watch Video!

Disclosure: The covid psyop borne with Swiss Government support. The largest ever executed crime against humanity. This was the kiss of death for Switzerland’s political democracy now getting deleted in 2024 by U.S. military operation. (neutralswiss/Rumble)

From the comments on Rumble:

In Dec 2022, the FDA said: From 1 Jan 2023, ALL “traditional vaccines” will be replaced with modRNA; this includes dentists’ anesthesia and diabetes’ insulin.
modRNA is also sprayed from the sky.

Bill Gates ordered to spray APEEL, a toxic oily chemical, on Organic fruits and vegetables.
He has NOT stopped spraying the sky with heavy metals = Chemtrails, either.
He released bioengineered mosquitos in Florida and Texas, etc.; these mosquitos carry Malaria, Deng Fever, etc., so “new” vaccines are ready = all mod RNA.

SHINGLES vaccines are also mod RNA and people are being killed.

“UN Agenda 2025” = to reduce 99% of the world’s population, and to keep only 500MM for human experimentation.

Yuval Harari, KS’s advisor, says: We no longer need humans (slaves). We can drug them and give them computer games…
but we really don’t need them anymore.

Backup video:

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