Were They Jabbed?

By  T J Martin

Truth: The Ultimate Condolence

Forget religion. Forget politics. There’s a new unmentionable these days. A new elephant occupies the room—ungainly, bulky, but largely silent.

Most people, out of respect and decorum, will not ask. But the shocking spate of unexplained and untimely deaths begs the unvoiced questions:

“Was he jabbed?”

“Did she take the shot?”

Did Stephanie who passed last year, leaving behind a beautiful small daughter who inherited her mom’s mass of blond curls, take the shot?

A rebel from her teens, Stephanie’s signature look consisted of black leather, ripped denim, combat boots. She listened to rock and roll. Loud rock and roll. She smoked cigarettes. Attended alternative schools. Loved concerts.

Was she forced, as a grown-up, to submit to the Covid jab in order to keep her job as a healthcare worker and provide for her small family? And did the jab cause or contribute to her untimely death in her early 40’s?

I’ll never know.

And I won’t ask.

Then there’s Brian. Tall, handsome, personable Brian who, after high school, joined the Navy, sharing photos of himself against the cold blue sea topside on Arctic submarines. Brian who became a loving father of two daughters, and who recently died unexplainably in his mid-40’s, leaving them behind.

Was he forced to take the jab so that his military career and future retirement would not be jeopardized?

I’ll never know, nor will I ask.

And what of Eric? What a brawler he was! Tall, blond, intensely physical, Eric was also intensely intelligent and motivated. Eric who studied hard and went on to become a medical doctor with an impressive private practice.

Did he succumb to the stresses of his profession? Or was he persuaded to take the jab—as were so many—for the “greater good”? And did that decision precipitate Eric’s early death in his mid-40’s at the apex of his career?

I’ll never know or ask. But I must wonder.

Then just last week, Chris followed in the unfortunate footsteps of Stephanie, Brian, and Eric. Funny, good-natured, another rebel from way back. Late 40’s. Stroke. Massive. Unexpected. Dead.

Was he jabbed? I’ll never know. I didn’t ask. Again.

But I must wonder how many more untimely and tragic deaths will occur before we collectively find the courage to acknowledge the elephant in our midst and to broach the unmentionable question.

When will we wonder, ask, investigate, demand to know?

For all their sakes and our own, we need to know.

Were they jabbed?

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