Boiling Down the Climate Scam

By Keith Brown

The global boiling/climate change/global warming agenda is based on three assumptions

1 That current weather events are unusual

This is untrue.

In the twelfth century temperatures were higher than today.

In the Roman Empire temperatures were high enough for viticulture in the Midlands and north of Britain (not just the south).

In several prehistoric periods the earth was much warmer and had no ice caps at all.

Ice ages were succeeded by warmer periods.

All of this was pre-industrialisation.

The number of wildfires has actually reduced in the last twenty years.

Between 1920 and 1970 global temperatures were on a downward trend and ‘experts’ predicted global cooling and a new ice age.

2 That changes in climate are caused by CO2 emissions.

This is possible but unprovable.

Other factors – earth’s orbit, sunspots, ocean currents – are almost certainly more important.

0.04% of the atmosphere is CO2. Is this really the most important factor?

The generally agreed figure is that is takes 1000 years for higher CO2 concentrations to have any effect on climate; thus discounting the concept that industrial co2 can cause current climate change.

3 That the UK is significantly to blame for, say, a wildfire in Greece

Actually China has emitted more CO2 in the last 10 years than the UK has in its history. (China clearly believes none of the climate change agenda having built over 100 coal fired power stations since the year 2000, while we commit economic suicide over an unprovable theory).

In 2008 Prince Charles at the EU Parliament predicted the polar ice would all be gone within 7 years!

Global boiling? Really? Look out the window and think again!

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