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Navigating chaotic times

The White Rose UK’s recent book, How to Avoid Digital Slavery, contains a collection of interesting, entertaining, amusing and thought-provoking essays, written by forty authors.

Each essay reminds us of the threat of digital enslavement and encourages us to resist and win back our lives. The various essays range from practical advice and critical observations to personal experiences and futuristic fiction. They differ in style and content—some are lighthearted, some serious, and often charming. They are all written by genuine authors who are driven by a desire for the truth.

When asking for writers to send in their submission, the White Rose received several more essays than are presented here. A number of essays that aren’t in the book can be found on their website by using the tags ‘essays’ and ‘how to avoid digital slavery’ in the search field.

If you have felt isolated, in a lonely position, constantly swimming against the tide over the past three years, by reading this book, you will find that you’re not alone. There are wonderful, intelligent, wise and courageous people out there, and the awakened crowd is growing.

Cherry writes at the beginning of her essay Get Behind Me, and I Will Protect You: ‘I think we could all agree that we are living in chaotic times, those of us who are awake know this to be true, and live with that knowledge every day. Those who are awake have a bond and a connection with each other and share the immediacy of the danger in the current situation.’

The White Rose consciously chooses to publish print books and not ebooks. One step away from digital enslavement and to regain a real life, is to read physical books made of paper. Books that you can hold in your hand and turn pages, independently of any electronic device and without being tracked and traced.

As Dylan Roberts writes in his essay, Human Flourishing in a Digital World: ‘Keep alive the experience of individual and social life outside of digital control. Currently there are people who can remember a world without the internet, who are in a good position to see what is being lost. This will be different for subsequent generations. It will only take a couple of decades until there is no-one alive who can remember life before the internet. It is experience to hang onto. For example, old novels, old films give a vicarious experience of a world not controlled b
technology. It is worth developing and passing on the skills and wisdom of a life not controlled by digital technology.’

We can all stop the crazy perpetrators easily by just saying no, and not complying to their evil nonsense. How to Avoid Digital Slavery will encourage you and others to remain strong.

This article was originally published in The Light, November 2023

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