The Light

Kicking the Tech Addiction

Social media changes who we are Richard House [RH]: Charles, you’ve recently made major changes in your life with regard to tech. It’s tremendous that a young chap like you is taking such a path! What changes have you made? Charles Carmichael [CC]: I’ve stopped using both smartphones and social media, and I also try

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The Needle and the Damage Done

By Graham Crawford I read an article years ago about research into rare survivors of extreme suicide attempts. Extreme as in jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, where more than 1,800 people have plunged to their deaths, and only a few dozen have lived to tell the tale. Researchers discovered through interviews

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Are We All Being Brainwashed?

By Darren Smith, The Light Nobody knows they’re in a cult until they leave it, but what if the majority of ‘mainstream’ thought and discourse is in fact part of an indoctrination process to get us all to think a certain way? How would you know if everyone was undergoing the same psychological manipulation, and

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