With the Installation of 5G, the Government Is Exposing People to Risk of Harm to Life

Eyewitness account by Paul Ursell

The subjects of the case were a cohort of people living in West London or who spent time at a west London address in proximity to a 5G transmitter. The eight people or so affected became ill in the spring of 2020 after the switch on of the 5 G delivery system and new frequency immersion. The Government did not dispute the 5 G exposures. The symptoms of illness were serious, of the nature of radiological adverse reactions and life changing. It was said that all the victims had similar symptoms. They were examined by two doctors with experience of treating patients with radiological injuries and such a diagnosis was offered and confirmed by medical reports presented to the Government and to the court. It was argued by the council for the claimants – 3 individuals – that the circumstances of the matter made it “likely” that the exposure to 5G was the environmental toxin to blame for the injuries. It was said that the Government has gone ahead with 5G installation and transmission without any impact assessment on the health of local people or the environment. Neither has the Government instituted any monitoring protocols where onset of conceivable adverse reactions could be noticed and the experiment halted or remedy for injuries sought. It was said that from becoming ill the patients had received no assistance whatever from the authorities; that three hospitals had declined to offer any meaningful diagnoses or treatment; that when approached with notice of illness, the Government had so far failed to acknowledge the existence of the patients or their symptoms of grievous harm. (…)

It will be at least three months before the judge delivers her verdict on the dispute. It is very late in the day. The 5G cables have been laid in London and all the conurbations and every day the spider’s web is being extended the length and breadth of the land, The lampposts are being visited or raised and the millions of transmitters and cameras positioned. The astronomic billions have been spent . All the surveying work has been undertaken and as we discovered in court 73 the injuries have happened already and will escalate in happening as area by area and street by street the 5G reign of terror and full scale war against the People commences and rages. In an intelligent polity – what ought to happen is – we the People should be able to return to the court and seek an immediate suspension of all 5G installation and transmission until the impact assessments have been done; until the injuries suffered have been fully diagnosed and the source of harm accounted for. In particular if the Rule of Law still applied in England the three claimants and eight in all injured should expect halt in and protection from attack in their homes or to be able to go about their business freely without threat to their lives. Given the severity of the immediate detriments one has to fear the worst for the eight individuals who now have nowhere to flee from the toxic agents being delivered to every place. One has to fear for everyone with metal in their bodies. One has to fear for every person with impaired immune function. One has to fear for every child, infant and baby being promiscuously irradiated by industry and by our wanton Government which has retired itself from being the Government and consigned itself to non-entity other than as a vast blood sucking parasite.

Read the full report here: February 8 2023 – Court Report

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