20 March – Join the Peaceful Resistance!

Due to harsh and unjust crackdowns on protesters in London in recent months, it is currently very difficult to organise a large rally in the capital.

We from The White Rose UK would like to encourage people, nevertheless, to take part in the worldwide protest against lockdowns and restrictions on the 20th March 2021.

Please join us in the fight against the covid fraud. We have to do this; the more people take part, the better. Every single person counts. Together we are able to stop the greatest global dictatorship ever, and prevent the so-called great reset, which will change the world into a communist global state, ruled by an unchosen establishment.

We say NO to enslavement and to the lies governments around the world have been spreading for over a year.

Here are some suggestions for peaceful protest:

  • Don’t wear the mask! You have important reasons not to do so. Read about the dangers of mask wearing here: https://thewhiterose.uk/?s=mask
  • Visit whoever you want, especially those who are lonely and vulnerable and who need you!
  • Distribute flyers in your local town – alone or in groups. Download the White Rose UK leaflet here: https://thewhiterose.uk/downloads/
  • Meet in parks and do your exercise together or group together on the grass and enjoy your time together. The larger the group the better, the stronger you are, and the harder it will be for a few police to do anything against it.
  • Do not be shy to live the truth!
  • Go on a train and go for a walk together, further afield.
  • We should do this in the hundred-thousands. If many people peacefully resist throughout the country, they won’t be able to do anything against it and freedom will succeed.
  • Open your business and defend your rights! Read all about the Great Reopening of businesses on 20th March here: https://the-great-reopening.com/
  • You don’t have to take the vaccine – and you’ll be better off without! Read about the dangers of the vaccine here: https://thewhiterose.uk/category/vaccination/
  • If this isn’t the time to resist the dictatorship which has kept us captive for a year – when will it be?!

Any more ideas? Let us know: contact us