Australian Dictatorship Increases

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with Wednesday’s UK Column News.

00:30 – Julian Assange Fight Against Extradition
09:14 – Australian Dictatorship Increases

14:42 – BBC Reports Celebrities In Fake Vaccine Scarcity Ploy

26:24 – Amazon Becomes Part of the UK’s Intelligence Apparatus

40:05 – The MSM Rehabilitate Christopher Steele

51:17 – The Post Covid Economy

53:14 – Global Partnership Protestors

55:15 – Censorship Only Applies To The Wrong People, The Right People Are Fine

59:33 – Job For Vaccine Passport Call Handlers

01:02:13 – Lockdowns For The Unvaccinated

01:07:16 – The FDA Think Child Heart Problems Are A Price Worth Paying

01:10:17 – German Authorities Decide No One Needs To Know The Mortality Statistics For The Vaccinated

01:12:22 – The Center For Cities























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