Are Hospitals Full Of Covid Jab Side Effect Patients?

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with Wednesday’s UK Column News.

Subjects in the video:

  • Tiered lockdowns
  • Why are hospitals full, and why aren’t the media reporting it?
  • What is going on in German hospitals?
  • Sean’s story and forced vaccination of vulnerable people
  • Relative death mortality rates following vaccination
  • Update on Pro Freedom rallies in the Netherlands
  • Documentary exposes the denial of science
  • Interview with Dr Bhakdi
  • Thailand moves to imprison people who don’t want the vaccine
  • Swiss scientific advisor indicated
  • Manchester vaccine centre video poses numerous questions
  • Pandemic preparedness exercises
  • George Square event in Glasgow Saturday 22 May, 12pm
  • Supportive email from UK Column viewers
  • Recommended reading and research
  • Data sharing you can’t opt out of
  • Appeal for worthy support
  • Full fact influencing of policy
  • Downplaying vaccine side effects