Authors – How To Avoid Digital Slavery

Many thanks to all for your submissions!

We have received a great many essays which were all interesting to read, but we had to make some hard decisions in reducing the number of contributions.

We have prioritised essays that were closest to the given topic as well as the entry requirements, and in most cases, we reduced multiple submissions by the same author. However, we will be happy to publish essays on our website that were not included in the book. Please give your consent if you wish it to be published online.

Authors included in book (in alphabetical order)

  1. Alan Kay
  2. Alyssa R. Mills
  3. Andy Thomas
  4. Cherry
  5. Daniel Greene
  6. David Lawrenson
  7. David Sheppard
  8. Dee
  9. Dominic Berry
  10. Dylan Roberts
  11. E Mc M
  12. Eileen Coyne
  13. Fiona Cullen-Skowronski
  14. Fran Walker
  15. Gail Foster
  16. Harry Hopkins
  17. Jeanne G Dust
  18. Lily
  19. Maronica
  20. Mev Berwick
  21. Moira M. Malcolm
  22. A New Fan of Sophie Scholl
  23. Nicole Katie Sedlak
  24. Radical Nan
  25. Randall Bachman
  26. Ray Wilson
  27. Ruth Reins
  28. Ryta C Y N Lyndley
  29. Simon of the family Shields
  30. Stephen James Gray
  31. Stephen McMurray
  32. Teresa Bacon
  33. Tim Bragg
  34. Tim Bragg and Annie Bragg
  35. Tim Haselup
  36. Tony Zhang
  37. U Canrun
  38. Wayne More
  39. Willie Fi Fife


Authors considered for online publishing (in alphabetical order)

  1. Andy Thomas (2nd essay) ✔
  2. Cherry (2nd, 3rd, 4th essay) ✔
  3. Chris Coles
  4. E Mc M (2nd essay)
  5. Harry Hopkins (2nd essay)
  6. Liam Edwards
  7. Lucy Gabriel
  8. Magic Flow
  9. Michael J Setter
  10. Michael Willis
  11. Moira M Malcom (2nd essay)✔
  12. P. R Infidel
  13. Ray Wilson ( 2nd, 3rd essay)
  14. Retep Yehtaen
  15. Rosa Parks
  16. Stephen Rafferty
  17. T. J. Martin
  18. Tricia Angelstar Davey