I Have Done Everything Humanly Possible to Resist a Dystopian Future

By Moira M. Malcolm

Since March 2020 I have done everything humanly possible to resist this sprint towards a dystopian future, one which is much worse than that described by George Orwell in his famous novel, 1984.

Unlike England, which seems to require data-sharing legislation to be passed in Westminster prior to implementation, Digital ID is being piloted in Scotland right now. No one has been consulted. No one has campaigned for it (except war criminal Tony Blair).  No one I know has sat at home thinking how great life would be if only they could prove who they were using a facial photograph or fingerprint, to access any service, to go anywhere, or even to log in to the internet. Few people realise how Digital Identity software (referred to as an ‘app’ on a mobile phone) can be used to exclude us from everything we once took for granted.

This is why, during February and March 2023, dedicated activists including myself went delivering postcards door-to-door with a clear message on it, ‘STAY FREE RESIST DIGITAL ID’. People who receive the postcard have the option to sign it, put a stamp on it and send it to their traitorous electoral representative. This is the wording on the postcard:

I do not consent to the Scottish Government spending £83.5 MILLION on Digital Identity. I don’t see any need for it and MSPs have already demonstrated, via Vaccine Passports, how digital verification can be used to exclude people who don’t take medical interventions. I worry those without mobile phones would also be excluded.

Evidence of mass exclusion in countries where Digital Identity has already been implemented can be found in a report titled ‘Chased away and left to die’ published in June 2021 (by The Center for Human Rights and Global Justice).

Yours sincerely

When we did come across someone in their front garden, we explained to them,

“This is a public awareness campaign about Digital Identity. It’s being rolled out in Scotland right now without the government telling us anything about it.”

To which the most common response was,

”Why does that not surprise me?”

This suggests the majority is sick of these criminals in parliament and, on reading the postcard, anyone over the age of 60 voiced concern for the elderly.

Despite the horrors of the last three years I do believe world controllers have pushed their luck this time and that it will be their arrogance which will lead to their ultimate downfall. Those “Stay at home” orders triggered many of us to carry out extensive research which we would not otherwise have carried out.

Since March 2020, inter-generational psychopaths have dropped any pretense countries operate as independent nations. Their slogan is “GLOBAL PROBLEMS require GLOBAL SOLUTIONS” which is just another way of saying they want to order everyone else in the world around.

There is certainly no pretense anymore the men and women sitting in Westminster, or in its sister parliaments, work for the benefit of their constituents. There is a deep lack of respect for those who pay their wages.

In October 2022, ardent globalist, Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister. His nickname ‘Rishi Rat’ is not only because of his uncanny resemblance to the popular British television puppet, Roland Rat.  Sunak’s father-in-law is billionaire Narayan Murthy. He is the Bill Gates of India. He founded a software company which happens to be the firm which was awarded the lucrative Digital Identity contract. The tyranical software was named Aadhaar and there is plenty of evidence this has been used to exclude people from receiving grain rations, and that such ‘glitches’ have been going on for years.

An article in the Guardian dated 16 Oct 2019 titled, How a glitch in India’s biometric welfare system can be lethal explains: “Claimants are given a 12-digit number linked to their data, and if something goes wrong they can be refused food”. One man’s “thumbprint, needed to prove his identity, wasn’t registering on the new system.” The poor, malnourished man was deprived of food for so long that he eventually collapsed and died of starvation aged 50. The article goes on to say, “Activists have tracked 13 cases in Jharkhand where people who were refused support due to Aadhaar glitches have allegedly died of starvation. One was an 11-year-old girl.”

Britain is careering in a similar direction where it’ll soon be normal to starve and freeze to death in prison cities/neighbourhoods which we’ll require a valid digital ID to enter and exit JUST LIKE IN CHINA. The amazing thing is even wealthy people will suffer the same fate unless they obey all government orders which will no doubt include taking certain “vaccinations”. Disobey the government and access can be denied.

Vaccine Passports were a trial run to determine if governments could pull this off – to find out numbers in the various countries who would accept showing their “Vaccination Status” as a condition to entry. It was a compliance test.

The only people whose lives will not be adversely affected by Digital Identity software, because they will always have a valid id, will be the Davos set. They shall continue to jet off to ski resorts to party, eat caviar and discuss how to eliminate more “useless eaters” and control the remainder with a tighter grip. Bill Gates and his chums are forever vaxing-lyrical about over-population but it never seems to occur to them to lead the way by taking their own life. They only ever dream up ways of ending ours. If anyone in the world needs “putting-down” it is most definitely THEM.

My advice is the same as Orwell’s – “The moral to be drawn from this dangerous, nightmare situation is a simple one. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN! It depends on you.”

This is one of the essays from the Writing Challenge 2023 that didn’t make it into the book, but is still worth reading! Find more essays in our latest book, ‘How to Avoid Digital Slavery’.

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