Buckle up friends … Chaos Incoming

This is one of the essays from the Writing Challenge 2023 that didn’t make it into the book, but is still worth reading! Find more essays in our latest book ‘How to Avoid Digital Slavery’.

By Cherry Hughes

“What do we need to be scared of ?” You may well ask. Where shall we start? We could write a list:

  • CBDC’s
  • The next pandemic, trust me, it’s in the pipeline
  • Bird flu
  • Food shortages
  • Escalating energy prices
  • All vaccinations being moved to an MRNA platform
  • 15 minute cities
  • Government lies, collusion and not questioning the state narrative
  • Digital identities
  • Increased surveillance
  • The orchestrated collapse of the banking system, and with it your ability to transact with any anonymity from the surveillance state
  • Gender dysphoria


I think that’s enough for now. So what in the hell can we do?

I had a recent one to one with my ineffectual local MP. The purpose of this meeting was to address the fact that I had lost my ‘special class status’ to claim my NHS pension at age 55, because “you need to be in NHS employment on the date that you turn 55”. Well, thanks for that, I had to leave my NHS employment to set up my own business prior to the NHS vaccine mandate being implemented. Yes, they withdrew this particular mandate ultimately, but who can wait until the deadline, on the off-chance that they may change their mind.

Like many, many others, we had to use our foresight to plan for the very real possibility of being kicked out of our jobs for not agreeing to be a lab rat. Because of this, I was not in NHS employment when I would turn 55 in March 2023. The MP in question actually smirked at me, “rules is rules” he said, “can’t you get your job back?”.

Needless to say, I wasted my time. I have heard since that a concerned constituent wrote to him about the vaccine harms, and I was privy to this MP’s response, it was the usual, tired line that is trotted out to shut these questions up, “the vaccines were rigorously tested etc etc”.

There is a total denial of harm, of even the possibility of questioning that the trials were thrown together to give a facade of following correct procedure, of fulfilling the absolute imperative of not exposing the population to harm in their millions.

If they are willing to sit mute in the face of overwhelming evidence, steadfastly adhering to their pathetic script, then we have to forget them and we must save ourselves.

I come at this as an individual who spent over 30 years in the NHS. I have, in the last 3 years, come to the ultimate realisation that I had been lied to for years. I bought into the lie of germ theory, I participated in reassuring some parents that the MMR vaccine was very likely not linked to autism. I have to live with that, and even though this was a short period in my career, I think back on that time with an overwhelming shame and a deep sense of regret.

Prior to leaving the NHS, I observed my fellow colleagues and friends buy into what was a preposterous lie. Covid was a lie. Even though they witnessed the insanity, as I did, they could not see it. Very much like a victim with Stockholm syndrome will defend and forgive their abuser, they would not even question the lunacy of the changing rules.

Day after day, we were told different ‘facts’ about this killer virus. We stood in the daily ‘huddle’ and were told the latest new discovery, we were informed of when ‘the peak’ was projected to materialise. I remember hearing this and standing in disbelief, practically with my mouth hanging open,“ the peak will not be here this week, it’s due to be in the first week of April”.

Honestly, this is the crap we were fed, and the majority believed it, even though we stood, listening to this in an empty ward, in a virtually empty hospital, and the emptiness of the hospital did not change when the ‘devastation’ of the peak did actually hit, or at least the date it was due, because there was no difference in the bed occupancy on our ward during the whole sorry affair.

However, we did ban relatives from visiting, we did allow people to die alone, we did scare our patients by wearing masks, donning and doffing PPE, moving them from one bay to another, based on their current ‘risk’ which was dictated by a fraudulent PCR test. We did insist on thrusting painful swabs deep, deep into their open cavities and watched them cry in pain.

Not me, I couldn’t do it, and I did have the good grace to argue and protest, I did decline to wear masks, I did participate in discussions and point out the fraudulent PCR tests, the insanity of lockdown, the idiocy of masks, and I did leave that poisonous system when I could no longer stomach the lies and the spectacle of observing those who I had previously considered to be intelligent, believing and following this charade without question.

I joined the awoken, I joined those beautiful people who were already awake, or who during this insanity awoke from their slumber, and realised that we need to do what we can to wake others, to plan for the protection of our families and to try to be a siren call to those that still wander this dystopia with their eyes tightly closed.

Whatever subject you feel most passionate about from the list above, do what you can to share the truth, lobby your MP, although, from personal experience, this could be futile, but nonetheless it is worth it because people wake up daily, and like Dr Vernon Coleman so eloquently puts it at the end of all of his videos, “when they wake, they don’t go back to sleep”.

Share videos and essays, try to keep information short and to the point, those who are asleep will not have the time, nor the inclination, to listen to your ramblings, and given that you have a big neon sign over your head proclaiming “conspiracy theorist”, “anti-vaxxer” (which I am now by the way), you need to give it to them in short bursts, throw it in their face, hit them where it hurts, be relentless but to a degree measured, otherwise they will turn away and never hear.

Don’t give up.

This surveillance state, and it’s agents, march to a relentless drum beat, they are intoxicated on power, they feel invincible, they have the Government on their side, they clapped and banged saucepans for the murders in the NHS, who kept their loved ones hostage, denied them dignity and ultimately slapped ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders on so many that did not warrant such an order, and they starved and drugged your loved ones to death, “because we were in a pandemic”.

Never allow this again. Resist, Resist, Resist with every fibre and molecule of your being. Protect all those that are dear to you. Do not give them an inch, or believe me, they will take a mile.

We are not dealing with people that have the ability to critically think or analyse data, they, for the most part, are very likely to embrace indoctrination, and believe that ‘trans-humanism’ is a good thing, that our children should be ‘affirmed’ in their belief that they are not the sex they thought they were, so they should have their puberty arrested by the wantant deployment of puberty blocking drugs, they should be denied appropriate mental health support, they should have their genitals removed and with it their identity, their place in the world, their humanity.

This is happening more and more and it sickens me daily. Schools encourage this insanity, they ask young children every morning to rate their ‘mood’ that day, so that, should they fall below a certain line in the sand, they will be questioned as to ‘why they are not so happy today?’.

These teachers are ignorant, they do not see what is happening in plain sight, they are devoid of the basic tenets of humanity, compassion and common sense. Children are complicated, they change their views minute to minute, they need to explore their feelings and desires unchallenged and unencumbered by the state’s desire to capture and enslave them.

The ‘latest thing’ which appears to be to drive children into confusion and despair under the headline of ‘gender identity expression’ and affirmation of their ‘true identity’, is sick and sadistic in the extreme. Leave the children alone, they are able to come to their own conclusions without every thought, every expression, every word, being hijacked as a sign that they have been born with the wrong genitals. This needs to stop, before we destroy a generation, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I wish you all God Speed in your endeavour and any stand you are able to make against the beast system that we have found ourselves in.

We will win, if we all do our part.

Much love.

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