The Living Bars Of The Digital Cage

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By Rosa Parks

QUESTION: What are you doing to resist digital slavery, aka the beastly system?

ANSWER: The first step is to know what one is dealing with. It is to know what spiritual first causes, the megacity- based, digital prison-in-waiting, is manifesting.

Here from the horse’s mouth, is a transcript of statements made by Yuval Noah Harari, spokesperson and advisor to the World Economic Forum:

“The next big project of humankind will be to overcome old age and death and then to basically upgrade humans into gods. In the bible, in the Book of Genesis, basically the first thing God does is create animals, plants and humans according to his wishes. We are now trying to gain this divine ability ourselves, and in a way we are even reaching beyond what ancient religions ascribe to the gods, because the gods like Jehovah in the bible, they could only create organic beings….humans are trying to do better than that. Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design, not the intelligent design of some God above the clouds, but our intelligent design, and the intelligent design of our clouds, the IBM cloud, the Microsoft cloud, these are the new driving forces of evolution … we are really acquiring divine powers of creation and destruction, we are really upgrading humans into gods, acquiring for instance the power to re-engineer life….humans are now hackable animals. You know, the whole idea that humans have you know this soul or spirit and that they have free will and nobody knows what’s happening inside me … that’s over… They don’t have any answer in the bible what to do when humans are no longer useful to the economy. You need completely new ideologies, completely new religions and they are likely to emerge from Silicon Valley or from Bangalore, not from er, the Middle East and they are likely to give people visions based on technology, everything that the old religions promised, happiness and justice and even eternal life, but here on earth with the help of technology and not after death with the help of some supernatural being…”.

All that is taking place today is the natural culmination of many millennia of the human aspiration to be “as God”, or to find divinity located within ourselves (individually, or collectively). To play God.

It is the natural fruit of the means employed to this end, namely, the over cultivation of our intellects at the expense of and to the impoverishment of our spirits. It is the natural fruit of the inversion of the master-servant relationship, between the living inmost core of the being – the human spirit and its impulses, on the one hand, and the intellect on the other– product of the brain, a part of the material cloak a human spirit wears for the duration of an earth life only. That earthly body which shares the transient material nature and life cycle of plant and animal bodies.

The problem with the Luciferian deal “YE shall be AS God [if you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil]” is that there can only be one God.

Alternatively, only one person can get to play God, amongst those who do not accept his authority.

Conflict between humans is therefore an inherent part of this deal, and who gets to reach the top of the power pyramid, is a race to the bottom which depends on how readily an individual would cast aside moral scruples, how low they are prepared to sink in their desperation to cling to their pseudo-self identification. The basest who rise to the top are only filling the authority vacuum left by those for whom the existential burden of the freedom that comes from being a god to themselves has become too much to carry.

Caesar (the State) gets to fill the God shaped hole in their lives, and seeks to wrest from the individual what belongs to God, unlike the Creator who respects the inherent free will of his creatures.

Slavery for the many, is also an inherent part of the Luciferian deal.

The robotic, inhuman quality of this digital incarceration can be explained in a parallel that has been drawn between the war being fought in Ukraine, which in reality is a war being waged by the NATO countries against Russia, in which Ukraine is merely a proxy suffering collateral damage, and Lucifer’s war on God.

Since Lucifer cannot get at the Creator Himself, he attacks His Creation instead. He aims to obstruct The Light, and with this to snuff out all life – human, plant and animal, and destroy all natural and organic interconnectedness.

“The most dangerous revolutions are not those which tear everything down, and cause the streets to run with blood, but those which leave everything standing, while cunningly emptying it of any significance” – Kierkegaard.

Hollow lifelessness is part of the Luciferian deal.

Lucifer engages Creation (or to be more specific, the human creatures who heed his enticement) in a self-destructive proxy war against their Creator.

He enlists in battle the intellectuals.

The appeal of intellectual hyperactivity lies in the fact that:

“some very human, and very rebellious part of us likes the idea of living in a world where we can be our own god—and therefore loves the purely Physical interpretation of life, and finds it anguish to relinquish it. Traditional Christian vocabulary calls this “sin” and has a lot to say about the difficulty it poses for [the] first part of our Mission [in life]1”.

Where does this rebellion land one? In the laps of the “machine men with machine minds and machine hearts” at the top of the power pyramid, ushering in the digital prison …

This is what one is dealing with.

To respond specifically to the question posed in this writing challenge, the steps that I personally am taking to escape digital slavery would therefore logically include:

A humble reframing of the battle away from a war waged “by the elite against humanity” to the proxy war in Ukraine analogy, in which the fall of man is merely collateral damage in a greater conflict. “For we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with spiritual wickedness in high places”.

Since the problem lies not in the differences, but in what “we the people” at the bottom of the pyramid share in common with those at the helm, not concerning myself with what Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab or the so-called “elite” are, or are up to now, beyond the necessity for vigilance, and to be sufficiently informed of their moves to take counter action here and there, (such as using cash almost constantly for example, as part of the road block to the roll-out of CBDCs).

Making my peace with the fact that God is not “in us”, with the fact that we are not “a part of God”.

Accepting and respecting his otherness.

Accepting that divinity as such, lies far above our spiritual plane of origin.

Humbly taking my place in creation, and trying to order my life including my participation in this battle, according to His Will, His Creative Spirit, The Holy Spirit.

Speaking of creativity, the amazing proliferation of initiative in the freedom movement over the past two years could only be the handiwork of inner-attuned, inspired and empowered individuals, whether or not in clear and conscious and relationship with their source – the independent media, the stand in the parks, the white rose sticker movement, the memes, artwork, cartoons, messages on placards at demos, music, the needle bar bus, the yellow-boards at roadsides, keep it cash, the home-schooling groups, to mention a few.

Initiative is most productive when uncluttered by the paraphernalia of intellectuals, which is designed to meet their needs. Their need for comfort, their need to retain control.

I find it helps to make a conscious and proactive decision to act outside the comfort zone of their toolkit – regimented ways of thinking, systems, routines, processes, models, regulations, theology, doctrine, dogma, creeds, set prayers, ideologies – and choose instead to be highly selective and minimalistic in the use of these, with an emphasis on keeping things simple, and not burdening or snuffing the life out of an initial impulse to action coming from the spirit.

I also find the exercise of initiative to be more effective when grounded in a prayerful life.
Prayer not as a substitute for action, but as its bedrock.

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