Your Mobile – or a Footsoldier of Big Pharma?

By Cherry Hughes

So that small device you are clutching in your hand seems to be fairly innocent right? Wrong.

As David Icke has described, trans-humanism is the relentless plan to render us all devoid of the ability to think and decide for ourselves, and the plan was always to get us there by ensuring we are addicted to tech by degrees. First they get us addicted to devices that we hold; your mobile, your tablet, then get us addicted to wearable tech; your smart watch and so on, ultimately they desire to get under our skin, to insert a microchip in your hand and, when Elon advances his plan, in your brain. Effectively this ensures your digital slavery forever, of that there is no doubt.

The younger generation are completely malleable to this, their interaction with the real world is less and less personal and more and more via their “smart” devices. This raises endless concerns. We seem to have long forgotten the stories that we heard in the media many years ago, warning of possible ill effects from the exposure to mobile phones. The dangers of brain tumours or seizures caused by prolonged exposure to mobile devices and the reports of excess cancer diagnosis in those that lived in close proximity to phone masts were issues that were raised in the mainstream media in the 90’s. Where have these stories gone? They have gradually faded away, the cancer fears would seem to be a distant memory.

The interest of the potential harm that these devices could cause to our children’s health would seem to no longer be an issue. Our children are now positively encouraged to have a personal and enduring relationship with these devices. Harm, what harm? Our saviours and friends in mainstream media and in the NHS have decided that children’s health is no longer a priority, and they no longer require protection. The once real cancer risk has floated off into the air, it has been forgotten, but more to the point, our children have been forgotten. It would seem that they are a necessary casualty in the progress toward the final agenda.

The health dangers have not subsided and they are more dangerous now than they have ever been. Why would we believe that as humans, we are not exquisitely vulnerable to the harms of electromagnetic frequencies, or EMF’s that pour from these devices and are in constant physical contact with us all? Professor Martin Pall is a lonely but powerful voice highlighting the real dangers we face from this invisible enemy. His excellent work details the harmful non-thermal effects from EMFs, these specific effects are not even considered or mentioned in the so-called safety data that is used to give the public false reassurance. Non-thermal effects have been shown to cause significant damage in the following areas: reproduction and fertility, neurological, psychiatric, cellular DNA, oxidative stress, free radical formation, endocrine, and the unchecked enhancement of cancer cell growth (Pall 2015*). With the advent of 5G, the dangers rise significantly, the increased frequency of the waves that are required to carry data at ever faster speeds, correlate precisely with an increased detriment to health and wellbeing. The higher the pulsed frequencies, the greater the danger and this is an accepted fact, this is not something that those developing this technology are unaware of.

Humans consist of water, neurons, tissue and cells, everything in perfect balance from the very start of our lives. Our genes, inherited from our parents are the first step in our development into the unique and complex individuals that we will become. Soon after birth, our immune system is poised to “learn” from exposure to the usual childhood illnesses. In the ensuing months and years we develop the concept of language, of purposeful movement, of facial expression and effective communication. We are imbued with everything that we require to develop into the adults that will nurture our own children in the coming years. And yet that process is thwarted at every opportunity. The incessant push to inject all manner of “virus particles” along with all the extra trimmings, the adjuvants and preservatives in vaccines, from the very start of our children’s lives. It’s as if we have not managed to survive as a species for many thousands of years prior to this without the endless jabbing of our children at every available opportunity, and from earlier and earlier points in their lives.

To support the increasing abundance of these devices in all aspects of our daily lives, they nefariously blanket the entire environment with EMF’s, in the home, in schools, in hospitals, they ensure seepage into our very existence via “the cloud”, which is not a cloud, but a dirty dangerous lid, on a poisoned environment.

From an early age, children are guided to pick up tech and hold it close, they have toys specially designed to “learn” new actions the more the child interacts with them, all facilitated via connecting to an “app”. Then when they enter school, they are encouraged to use a tablet, to play games, learn shapes and number concepts, even to read from. They spend less and less time in face to face contact with their teachers, they see life through the veil of some device or other, they begin to chat to their friends via messaging apps, instead of knocking on their doors and getting together in person. They become more and more unhealthy in their physical and mental existence, and believe me, this is no accident, this is by design.

By the time children are six to eight years of age, the use of this tech is second nature, they see no harm in it, they see no danger from it. Family meals are not as they used to be, gone are the days of chatting at the meal table, interacting with each other, learning what has gone on in the day that has just passed, now it is invariably one or two muttered words either side of checking the phone to see who has messaged, who has posted what, what is happening on the online game they are involved in. Language is reduced to abbreviations and the latest “trending” phrase. When it comes to adolescence, meeting partners involves swiping left or right and chatting online. There is less and less physical interaction. But we are physical beings, this is how we learn, this is what feeds our souls, this is what life is about.

And all the time, the exposure to EMFs accumulates unchecked. We are sitting on a time-bomb of physical ill health and mental maladjustment. Life in the “real” world becomes too challenging. The levels of childhood isolation and the resulting depression are unprecedented and as a person working in primary care in this country, it disturbs me greatly. I have never encountered the levels of chronic disease and depression in children and young people as I have personally witnessed in the last three years that I have been back in the primary care sector, in my 36 years in the health service. It is a struggle on a daily basis to witness the damage done to our children by this sinister and targeted strategy.

A new aspect of our lives that has a sinister undertone is your “smart” watch. Very often now, patients present in the surgery because these devices have reported to the wearer that they have some kind of problem.

Recently it is that they have recorded an irregular heart rhythm of some kind, or they have downloaded a “health app” that advises that they should seek medical attention or see a doctor based on the results of their sleep, exercise tolerance, weight etc etc. In most cases the visit to their GP ends up in investigations, some of which reveal other health issues, of which they were earlier not aware of, but that, now they have been discovered, will warrant “further investigation”… The outcome of the majority of these encounters will invariably result in some kind of medication being started, what kind of medication? Take your pick. Often something for the blood pressure, a statin, hormone therapy, an antidepressant, the possibilities are endless. And when you start on this road, you, my poor thing, will find it harder and harder to resist, the suggestion of another medication, a higher dose, a further test, “just to be sure we are not missing something”. And this is one of the strategies to recruit the forever patient. And now that our children are invested in this tech, you can be sure that they will be funnelled into the meat grinder that is the cynically named “health service”, at an earlier and earlier age. At whatever age they present, and trust me, it is earlier and earlier now, they will be captured, enticed, made to feel that they “need” certain interventions, treatments, therapies, because of their “health problem”, and “thank goodness you came when you did”, or we may have lost some income, some profit. The patient is not privy to this cynicism of course, they feel that they are being cared for, that they need the various options that are presented to them, because they are involved in a system where ill-health and dis-ease are the primary focus. Good health, clean diet and water, exercise, personal interactions, fresh air and exposure to the sun, are not the issues that are routinely discussed, they are rarely mentioned in my experience, because the whole system is built on the illness model, and determining what treatment is needed. The fact that the introduction of one pharmaceutical product inevitably creates a cascade of intervention that is difficult to exit.

We, who recognise what is happening, can make a start to change this system. We can gradually opt out, seek out more natural ways to heal ourselves and understand and believe in that which we know to be the truth, that we are perfectly equipped to find all that we need for healing, within ourselves. We need to consciously wean ourselves from unnecessary exposure to EMFs within our close proximity, exposing ourselves to these damaging elements as little as we can during every day. Discuss these issues with those close to us, help our children to discover again the beauty in conversation, story telling, interacting with nature and awakening to the beauty that is all around us.

In time, we will build our own networks, health practitioners that can offer functional resolution to the functional problems we encounter that affect our health and need to be addressed systematically by understanding where the balance is missing, where poor diet has left us wanting, where stress has affected our ability to deal with the day to day.

What I am trying to say is that there is a more perfectly balanced and logical way to approach good health and escape the prison of the ineffectual and dangerous system that we are currently wedded to. This is the divorce that we need and must strive for, and that in turn will set us free.

*Pall, M. (2015) Scientific evidence contradicts findings and assumptions of Canadian Safety Panel 6: microwaves act through voltage-gated calcium channel activation to induce biological impacts at non-thermal levels, supporting a paradigm shift for microwave/lower frequency electromagnetic field action. Reviews on Environmental Health, Vol. 30 (Issue 2), pp. 99-116.

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