I Was Fighting Two Battles – Betrayal on a Personal Level and the Collective Global Betrayal

By Tricia Angelstar Davey

I had no idea what was happening when the Prime Minister et al started creating fear about a pandemic killing millions. It didn’t ‘feel right’ to me so I decided to find out what really was going on. Learning about paedophilia, Adrenochrome and Satanic ritual human sacrifice made me aware of how evil some people can be. The more I discovered, the more I was determined to resist.

The Darkside is about destroying everything natural and beautiful. AI wants everything to be artificial, like itself: why have grass, when there’s astro-turf! Now most of us are using the internet it’s easy to lose our ability to develop our ‘inner-net’, which is our connectivity to each other via intuition and telepathy and also our God/Source/Spirit connection. The Cabal/Darkside does all it can to disconnect us from our intuition by grooming us to become ever more dependent on machines, without us even realizing it. We’ve stopped interacting in person, and our own handwriting, sending texts, emails and social media messages instead. Calculators mean we no longer need to work out maths, spell-checkers mean we don’t need to spell and SatNavs mean we don’t have to calculate our journey route or travelling time. All gradually eroding our ability to think and work things out for ourselves as we become more reliant on machines to do the ‘thinking’ for us.

Maybe the anti-christ is actually Cosmic AI?

Spending all day on my computer seemed a lonely journey. Friends shunned me because I didn’t go along with the narrative and I was often banned from Facebook.

But at least I had my soul-mate with me to share all my findings with. I had that one special person in my life, who I’ll refer to as PD, who I trusted with my whole heart. We’d met at a Spiritual Healing workshop, and our togetherness flourished when he was a hypnotherapist and I became his client and then his wife. We’ve shared many wonderful sacred and spiritual experiences together over the past 30 years. From the time we first met we dedicated our lives to our Spiritual Growth, having many mystical experiences together, meditating in the sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid, Egypt, swimming with wild dolphins off the Coast of Hawaii, undergoing the 21 day ‘Living on Light’ process, and have both been ordained through Minor and Major Holy Orders. We’ve ‘seen’ an Angel whilst sending Spiritual Healing and led many Spiritual Workshops in the UK and USA. However, the world changed after 911, Americans stopped travelling and everything became digitized and we got left behind in the techno-world of communication. We lost our home, financial security, and my inheritance, so then had to get ‘proper’ jobs.

Then just over two years ago PD started to change, he was no longer ‘himself’. First he withdrew from me, then he became really nasty towards me. I discovered he was having a sexual relationship with one of his clients. The Darkside uses whomever it can, and an old ex-prostitute, even though now a deformed cripple, still knows exactly how to use sex to reel a man in, to get her own needs met, by massaging more than just his ego, whilst also pursuing her own agenda of having a live-in carer all to herself.

PD didn’t want to know what was going on in the world anymore. The truth no longer had any place in his life as he was telling one lie after another, creating and living in his own matrix of lies.

And simultaneously the World’s leaders and main stream media were lying to all of us about the ‘Plandemic’, telling us one lie after another, creating their own matrix of lies.

It had all started insidiously. The ‘other’ woman, who I’ll refer to as JM, was massaging PD’s ego, which made him feel good, and the Government were playing on people’s ego to show they were ‘nice’ people: comply to ‘be kind’ … ‘protect others’ …’ keep others safe’ … (Don’t kill Granny). This Global PSYOP was deliberately designed to make people feel good by doing what the governments were asking them to do, and feel bad by refusing.
PD told me he hadn’t realized at the time how manipulative JM was, as she was saying and doing all the ‘right’ things and he had no idea she was implementing her own agenda. He says he just got ‘sucked into something’.

Most people don’t realize how manipulative organizations like our Government, the WHO and the WEF are as they are saying all the right things, using NLP techniques and repetitive brainwashing to suck the people into their Agenda 2030, now renamed Agenda 2024.
But true Spiritual Warriors, those trying to protect themselves and others, are saying ‘No!’ to all of it.

It felt like I was fighting two battles as I was experiencing betrayal on a personal level as well as the collective global betrayal.

Joining other like-minded people in on-line groups like The White Rose became my lifeline, especially during the lockdowns. Because PD was a key-worker, he was still going out daily as usual, mixing with different people, as well as carrying on with JM. But I, like many others, spent most of the time on my own, often for over 12 hours. At the height of all the Covid madness I became ill with the agonizing pain of Neuralgia.

The very time I really needed PD the most, was when he’d turned away from me.

I was being betrayed by PD and we were/are all being betrayed by our leaders, so-called scientific and medical experts, in fact all those in authority that we trust, including the MSM. Betrayal is so damming and damaging because it challenges our subconscious. Our sense of reality is shaken to the core as we question the past, present and the potential destruction of the future. We experience chaos in our ‘inner-world’ and the ‘outer-world’. One thing about betrayal is all the lies, and the confusion about not knowing what to believe anymore.

Because the inconvenient and unpalatable truth of betrayal is so upsetting, 75% of people will choose to live in Cognitive Dissonance, allowing them to live the narrative of the Matrix in deliberate ignorance.

Then they turn on those of us reminding them of the truth because it makes them very uncomfortable because at some, unconscious level they know we are right.

Hence those believing and perpetuating the lies of the narrative turning on us ‘Truthers’.

And PD was turning on me for speaking the truth about what was going on between him and JM.

There was also gas-lighting going on, both by PD and the Government, but in opposite respects: PD was insisting something didn’t exist that actually did, and the Government was insisting that something did exist that actually didn’t!

I knew PD had a ‘secret’ phone that he bought to use just for her, which I’d seen several times when he accidentally pulled it out of his pocket. After each occasion he told me he’d returned it to G, who had given it to him and he no longer had it … but there it was again! PD even went as far as removing the sim-card one time to ‘prove’ to me that the phone didn’t work! A further denial of the truth as in his haste he dropped the sim-card (that didn’t exist) on the floor, where I found it, and placing it in my own phone confirmed there was only one phone number in it belonging to JM and a love-message sent to her at midnight on 1.1.22. But even though I had proof of his ‘secret’ phone, PD kept insisting it didn’t exist.
The gas-lighting and all the lies were so destructive, and corrosive, PD was literally killing our relationship.

And likewise, the Government was insisting that a terrible deadly pandemic was ‘out-there’ producing their so-called ‘experts’ to back up their story. To further the gas-lighting, they made short video clips of people on ventilators and dying in hospitals to prove the pandemic was real. The MSM never told the people the truth, that these video clips had been filmed in studios, created to look like hospital wards, using actors and dummies. But it wasn’t real, the pandemic didn’t exist! But the gas-lighting and all the lies, the fear generated and the illegally imposed lockdowns, were so destructive, they destroyed people’s lives, corroded the very fabric of society, killing small-businesses, and people, as many took their own lives in desperation.

I knew PD had truly severed his connection with me when I heard him tell JM: “You and I are One now.” Excommunicated by my forever-soul-mate, I was devastated, torn apart in emotional turmoil and in total sorrow at soul-level. PD and I had experienced past lives together, and had both recalled those experiences separately but simultaneously. But now PD had separated himself from me, our soul-connection, our ‘Oneness’ and destroyed our ‘us’.

PD and I were not sharing this Covid journey together and I felt very alone and isolated.

My personal life was mirroring the collective as the split between PD and I widened, the divide within society deepened too.

So many lives were in turmoil between those living the narrative, in compliance and collaboration, and those refusing to do so, in the Resistance. Whole families were torn apart and split up, creating chaos and distress throughout the population worldwide. This in turn, creates the negative energy, the fear-based emotions, like anger, pain and suffering, the very loosh that the Darkside feeds off.

Certainly JM set out to destroy PD’s family life to fulfil her own agenda. ‘Husband-stealer’ and ‘home-wrecker’ were her words, and the longer it carried on, the more demanding she became, and the more damage was done.

Mirroring in the bigger picture, the more compliant people became, the more restrictions were imposed, the more damage, both physically and psychologically, was done.

It was a terrible shock for me to discover I really didn’t know the person I thought I’d known and loved for nearly 30 years. I would never have believed he was capable of behaving as he did.

And it will be a terrible shock to the general public too, when disclosure occurs and they find that the politicians, medical profession, MSM, film and pop stars, Royalty and celebrities they thought they knew (and some they’d loved from afar), have behaved in ways they would never have believed they were capable of.

I also realize, I’ve been extremely traumatized by the way PD has behaved towards me over the past 18 months or so. Not only his behaviour with JM, but also how his treatment of me changed me, along with being drawn into someone else’s drama.

PD started driving like a maniac, crashing the car on several occasions, was done for speeding twice within three weeks and a couple of times he was driving so recklessly I thought I was going to die.

One time he went off to work during a power cut in the winter, leaving me without any light, heat, hot water, or able to boil a kettle and I know he wouldn’t have left anyone else in his care like that. (I had bought other means of light and heat, but I didn’t know to connect the gas bottles.) It was freezing, hour after hour, and I was shivering with cold, in the dark and exhausted by the time he got back ten hours later.

The Cabal and governments worldwide are desperately trying to keep us all in the dark, literally and figuratively.

Then there were all the times he came home late stinking of what he and JM been doing together, saying what a hard day at work he’d had.
Everything the Cabal/Darkside/World leaders do stinks too.

PD was actually suspended from work for a week, pending an investigation into allegations regarding misconduct with JM. They both lied about it, and no further action was taken then. But PD pretended to me he was still going to work every day, and travelled 200 miles spending the whole time with her. ‘Partygate’ comes to mind, when all the rest of us were locked-down, PD and our leaders were still going out having fun and Fergerson and Hancock were caught out with their elicit partners.

There was the constant worry about money, getting into more and more debt, as he was taking time off work to be with JM, taking her out, and spending hundreds of pounds on erection tablets etc. and gifts.

Because the Government are deliberately inflating the price of food and fuel they are escalating the money worries, financial hardship and debt of millions of people.

Also there were constant phone calls, sometimes for several hours, and texts every day, despite seeing her five days a week. There was no let up.
Just like the news about Covid in the MSM, constant updates and ministerial broadcasts. There was no let up.
PD had became the worst version of himself towards me. He’s since acknowledged he became the very person he never wanted to be, or even thought he was capable of being.
This was in my face all the time, I couldn’t get away from it, even my own home was no longer my sanctuary. And there was all the shouting, the swearing, the volatile arguments, and smashing stuff up with the sheer exasperation of it all.

I became more and more damaged over time, and I also became someone I didn’t like being, as I became constantly on edge, suspicious, defensive, angry, tearful and in emotional pain. My hair fell out in handfuls.

At the start, it felt like PD and JM ganged up on me, and there was a war going on between the pair of them against me. And then later on, it became more directly confrontation between JM and myself, and then PD became a collateral-damage pawn in a war she orchestrated against me. The dynamics of this war changed over time, as she employed ever more desperate measures against me, and I drew on ever more Light to counteract her dark tactics.

The Cabal have orchestrated a war against us, the people.

It all got very ugly… but war is ugly, and JM wasn’t going to release her claws imbedded in him without a fight. As I was reluctantly dragged ever more into this unsavoury situation, the nastiness escalated between all three of us. JM phoned me at home instigating a volatile verbal attack and further escalation of unpleasant events, leading to the involvement of the Care Agency, which fortunately forced a physical resolution.

My personal battle was to try to save PD’s Soul from being completely taken over by her influence into the Darkside, and for myself, trying not let my own consciousness be dragged down into their mire.

Throughout this time I called upon all the resources I could, including the help of a Wonderful Priest/Exorcist friend, and I also called upon many in the Higher Realms, especially Archangel Michael and His Flaming sword of Truth.

But even when it was over between PD and JM, she did not accept defeat gracefully and didn’t give up without inflicting as much damage as possible, thrashing it out to the bitter end. She sent a parcel addressed to ‘Mr and Mrs’ returning one of PD’s tee shirts he’d left there, his love-cards and gifts and
an explicit ‘kiss and tell’ letter she’d written telling me how great the sex had been, especially for two 77 year olds! The details are too lurid to quote here, except the relevant: “ You did not need to tell me you loved me to ‘get sex’, no need!” unquote.

It was a mistake on PD’s part to ever think she loved, or even cared about him. She was simply trying to fulfil her own agenda.

Likewise, the Darkside, the Cabal, and their governmental puppets won’t give up without inflicting as much damage as possible. They will not accept defeat gracefully, they will thrash it out to the bitter end. They have no concept of love as they have sold their soul to the devil. It is a mistake on our part to think our leaders care about us. They are simply trying to fulfil their own agenda.

No one wants to accept that anyone, let alone their Government, has done anything so harmful and committed crimes against humanity that are so evil. In fact most people seem to be unaware there is a war going on at all, at all levels of consciousness and physicality. But the damage is still being done. I recently came across an interview with Andrew Bridgen MP, who was talking about the psychological damage done by the Government’s use of the Covid restrictions. He said: quote: “(There was) a lot of psychological manipulation going on which has really damaged people’s mental health.” unquote.

Unfortunately there is always collateral damage.

The physical issue of ‘shedding’ also factors into this, and prevents any affectionate physical intimacy between PD and I, as JM was triple-vaccinated and she and PD ‘exchanged DNA’ with each other probably for about a year. PD knew full well about remaining a ‘Pure Blood’ and contaminating himself with DNA from someone whose DNA had been manipulated by toxic injection, but he still had a sexual fling with her anyway.
We don’t yet know the extent to which one’s own DNA will be affected by mixing it with hybridized DNA.

How long do we stay angry for? Not that long that we let it destroy our own vibrational field.

It’s all too easy to let others actions bring us down, getting drawn into the dark recesses of their deeds, but if we let that happen, it’s to our own detriment, and the Darkside will have won!

If we can come through this emotional storm ensuring that people take responsibility for their actions, that wrongs are put right, and that justice is served, (Nuremburg Trials 2, surely people cannot get away with murder), but we personally can still be loving, then we will indeed have won the battle, and won victory for the Light.

I must admit it’s not easy finding ‘Silver Linings’ in so many grey chemtrailed clouds! However, I’m trying to rise above it all and believe what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! Also, every Soul that returns to the Light is a Soul the Darkside has lost!

We have far more powerful resources and allies than we know. This is a multidimensional war between the Light and the Dark, between Natural Creation and A.I. Many E.T’s and Higher Dimensional Beings have assisted, and still are helping us, on many planes of existence, in, on and off the Planet. We are not alone!

But I do believe we have to do our part too.

We have to keep living our Truth, resisting the trap of the Matrix. We need to negate the Great Reset and co-create the Greater Reset.

We have to decline the coming temptation to accept the Central Bank Digital Currency and embrace NESARA/GESARA, the asset-backed monetary system.

Refuse the restrictions of 15-minute cities to combat so-called climate change, that is nothing but deliberately manipulated weather patterns. Covid was a pre-curser as there are already plans for something called The Climate Emergency Lockdown, creating another phase of psychological, emotional and financial terror on us, the people. They are deliberately causing ecological and biological disasters, to justify their pre-planned further lockdowns. They have already locked-down chickens to ‘keep them safe’. No more free range chickens, (and no more free-range people if we don’t resist!)

Not entertain the 666 6uild 6ack 6etter prison cities of their future, but create the world we want to live in, by being the change we want to see in the world.

This Matrix is a holographic illusion.

And we need to apply detachment, from all the negativity, both personally and collectively by those orchestrating the Covid Matrix war against us.
We need to keep holding the Light, keep standing our ground and release any attachment to low vibrational frequencies, to rise above them.
When we are no longer ‘the little me’, we can become The Best Version of Ourselves We Can Be and co-create for the Highest Good for all.
We need to stand up for ourselves against those leaders wishing to enslave us, and become leaders ourselves to co-create the positive ascending timeline we want to be in.

I envisage a beautiful world bathed in Love and Light, living in peace, Truth and freedom, in harmony with Mother Nature and all the animal kingdoms. Creating beautiful art, music and dance. Helping one another, celebrating our differences, and bringing joy and bliss into each other’s lives.
We can be the co-creators of Heaven on Earth, having just experienced the most exciting adventure in duality we could ever have imagined!

This is one of the essays from the Writing Challenge 2023 that didn’t make it into the book, but is still worth reading! Find more essays in our latest book, ‘How to Avoid Digital Slavery’.

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