Cignpost Diagnostics Allegedly Planning to Sell Swabs Containing DNA

Dr Vernon coleman’s Wednesday Review – Episode Two

Transcript: It’s been an extraordinary few days and the mainstream Media has pretty well missed some amazing news. I haven’t missed it though so please spread this video far and wide.

Here’s some of the news about covid-19, the jabs and health care that has become available since my last Review of the Week.

First, and staggeringly important, comes the news that in the UK a government approved company called Cignpost Diagnostics – with the signpost beginning with a C for some reason – is allegedly planning to sell swabs containing DNA to private companies. The company is one of the UK Governments approved testing companies.

I got into terrible trouble for predicting the sale of DNA samples at the start of June 2020 – nearly 18 months ago – in a video entitled Is This How They Plan to Steal and Sell Your DNA? I was widely vilified and the so-called fact checkers had a field day.

In June 2020, and in a subsequent video, I pointed out that I believed that DNA samples, taken when covid tests were done, would be kept, stored and sold.

‘If that thought doesn’t strike terror into your heart then you really haven’t been paying attention,’ I said.

I pointed out that since March of 2020, governments everywhere had been tearing up all the traditional values which we used to take for granted and that freedom, democracy and privacy had become a thing of the past.

‘If you trust your government to always do the right and decent thing then you can switch off now, I said. ‘I envy you your innocence and your faith. I suspect, however, that most people have by now lost what little faith they had in their government and its advisors. I have shown in other videos how we have been lied to, tricked, manipulated and brainwashed.’

I pointed out that governments sell every bit of information they can collect. They sell voter details and they sell census information. They demand private and confidential information. And then they flog it to anyone prepared to pay the right price.

I reminded viewers that in the UK, the NHS has been collecting information about us all for years. To begin with, they promised they wouldn’t sell the information – especially if we didn’t want them to. But, I added, look on the NHS website and you will see that they say that the NHS collects confidential patient information from all NHS organisations and all private organisations providing NHS funded care. They then flog this information to researchers, to the medical establishment and, wait for it because this is the good bit, to drug companies. They say that the drug companies won’t use it for marketing or insurance purposes. They presumably know that because the companies they sell it to tell them they won’t.

The truth is that private medical information is sold to anyone prepared to buy it. And this brings us back to your DNA.

In June 2020, I warned that your DNA would be sold to drug companies, insurance companies and anyone else who wants to buy it, that drug and insurance companies will know everything about your body. And they will be able to mix and match that with the information they buy from search engines, your bank, the supermarkets and everyone else. The last vestige of your privacy will be gone.

And they will use the information ruthlessly.

We will turn out to have no rights over our own DNA. Our DNA details onto all police and security services.

My big fear 18 months ago was that drug companies would use your DNA to predict what diseases you might develop. And they will want to sell you useful drugs to stop you getting whatever it is they know you’re going to get wrong with you.

Insurance companies will use your DNA to predict your future, I warned. You will, perhaps, find that your premiums suddenly soar because your insurance company knows something about your future.

Employers will doubtless see your DNA details and be unwilling to hire you if they see something in your future that doesn’t appeal.

How many job candidates will find themselves being refused time and time again because prospective employers see that they are likely to develop Parkinson’s disease or dementia or drug addiction?

Your DNA information will be used in conjunction with your credit card and bank information too, of course. And that will be so much easier when they get rid of nasty, grubby cash.

And they will mix it with all the information you’ve put on social media and which you cannot erase however hard you try. Anything you ever put on Facebook, for example, belongs to Facebook. Permanently, as in for ever.

My fear was that the collecting of DNA would be a vital part of the social credit system which was clearly on its way.

So, you will be standing at the check-out at the supermarket and the assistant will take the chocolate bar out of your shopping.

‘What’s the matter with that?’ you will ask, puzzled.

‘The system says you can’t have that,’ the assistant will say. She will look at the screen in front of her. ‘You’re going to get diabetes so you aren’t allowed to buy chocolate.’

When you apply for a driving licence they will tell you that you can’t have one.

‘Why not?’ you will ask.

‘Because there is an 82% chance that you are going to develop epilepsy next year,’ they will tell you.

I warned that you will have no rights over your private information. Companies everywhere will be able to buy it and hackers will be able to steal it.

That was first published on 3rd June 2020.

I pointed out that DNA would be taken from blood tests, from the PCR and from lateral flow tests and that these tests would become pretty well compulsory.

I was attacked viciously for saying all this, lied about, suppressed and banned.

Because, as always, it was true. I’m not boasting when I tell you that everything I’ve predicted has been accurate. I tell you this because I desperately want you to believe what I tell you next week and the week after.

Once you realise what is going on it isn’t difficult to see where we are heading. A month or so earlier in early spring 2020, I had made my first video specifically warning about how everything that was happening was part of a bigger Agenda – Agenda 21 and the end of freedom.

The video about DNA was removed from YouTube within hours but was later reloaded on Brand New Tube – on 7th September 2020 – the title is Vernon Coleman – Is this how they plan to steal and sell your DNA. The transcript is on

The DNA story has a long way to go.

In Austria, the third of the population who’ve been wise enough to refuse the experimental jabs will be locked in their homes. There will be spot checks and only the traitors who are carrying vax passports will be allowed on the streets. The non-vaxxed will presumably be identified by a yellow star worn on their sleeves. And, of course, the vaxxed will eventually have the batch numbers of their toxic jabs tattooed on their forearms to make things easier for them. Welcome to Austria where history is now repeating itself. The Austrians are now so desperate to get everyone jabbed, incidentally, that a brothel in Vienna is now offering 30 minute free sex sessions if customers get jabbed at an onsite clinic in the brothel. Honest. No one could make this stuff up.

A French study of 26,823 adults found that the only long-term symptom of so-called long covid was a loss of smell. That was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The NHS, however, still reports 14 allegedly common symptoms with long covid – out of a total of an alleged 74 symptoms – and Imperial College in London says there are two million people in the UK who have long covid. And the moon is made of green cheese. As I have said many, many times the exaggerated nonsense of long covid is being used to increase jabbing uptake and as a cover for jabbing injuries.

In Berlin, Germany, the unjabbed are excluded from bars, restaurants, gyms, hairdressers and museums.

How will the police know who has been jabbed and who hasn’t? Well, as in Austria, I guess the easy solution would be to sew yellow stars on the clothing of the unjabbed. That worked well the first time round didn’t it?

The ever excellent Expose website reports that the director general of the WHO has said that vax passports are discriminatory, that the covid-19 jab doesn’t prevent infection or transmission and that he doesn’t recommend that children be jabbed. Oh, and he doesn’t think more lockdowns will be necessary.

According to YouTube, Facebook and governments everywhere, the WHO is the gold standard on covid information. So anyone making videos or recommending vax passports and that children be jabbed should be in trouble.

In America, a nurse has reported that doctors want the unvaxxed to die. As she says, it isn’t normal practice to refuse treatment for drinkers, smokers or those who eat too much. But if you don’t have an experimental jab that doesn’t work or might kill you then you can damned well crawl into a corner and die.

The British Medical Journal reports that a Pfizer subcontractor, used when their jab was being tested, is accused of falsifying data, hiring inadequately trained jabbers, un-blinding patients and failing to follow up on reported adverse reactions. The title of the paper is `Covid 19: researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizers vaccine trial.’

Oddly, I haven’t seen that report mentioned on the BBC website or in the Guardian yet. Maybe I just missed it.

Another story about Pfizer is that the company is now putting tromethamine into its jab mixture. Some have said that this is to counter the number of heart attacks in children. Pfizer says it isn’t and of course, we all trust Pfizer.

I’ve checked out tromethamine and found it should be used with care in children – the advice is `always check with your doctor before giving it to a child’.

The possible side effects include low blood sugar, high potassium levels, trouble in breathing, allergy reactions and fever. If you want to store the drug in your house you should talk to your doctor about how to store it. Maybe this will mean that the unvaxxed will have to talk to their doctor about how to store the vaxxed.

One of the fact checkers says that Pfizer says the ingredient is a commonly used buffer agent used to extend a drugs shelf life. The report also says tromethamine is used to stabilize fragrances so it must be OK though I wasn’t aware that many children were being injected with perfumes. And no one seems to deny that it is used to regulate acidity in the body – a problem which can be associated with serious heart disease.

So that’s all OK then. Perhaps.

The important thing is that as far as I can find out the clinical trials conducted with children did not use this new formulation. So it seems possible that Pfizer changed the product but didn’t re-test it – though it was, of course, cleared for use. These days I suspect that you could fill the syringe with a cocktail of strychnine and arsenic, and the FDA the MHRA would tick all the boxes.

And has anyone looked at the risk of drug interactions with other substances children might take? Or investigated any possibility about there being possible interactions with all the vaccines given to children these days? And how many of these new jabs are children going to have over the coming years? Two? Three? Four? 746? This is not a short-term programme – remember what I said Pfizer told shareholders.

It’s an experiment. And in the end maybe we’ll know whether it’s safe and maybe we won’t.

Changing the formulation of a drug seems to me like a car manufacturer suddenly making a car with three wheels instead of four and saying `we didn’t bother to see if it’s safe but we’re sure it’ll be OK’.

In Australia, the Premier of Queensland has decided to reward fully vaxxed morons from December 17th 2021 by allowing them to live their lives normally but only if they don’t mix with the unvaxxed who will presumably have to walk around ringing a bell and shouting unclean, unclean. Or maybe the Australians will go for the little yellow stars stitched onto clothing.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, says it has no documented cases of unvaxxed individuals ever transmitting covid after acquiring natural immunity. But still the Americans are pushing the jabs for everyone – including those with natural immunity, who definitely don’t need it. Let us not let the science get in the way of the politics.

And in the UK, the latest official, government figures show that covid has allegedly killed just six (six) healthy children during the plandemic. That is far less than would have normally died during that period of flu. The official government figures are that 90 children would have died of the flu in that period and 951 would have died of infections such as respiratory tract infections.

Why the drop? Well the rebranded flu, known as covid-19, doesn’t seem to affect children as badly as the normal flu. Which makes jabbing children with the covid jabs even less sensible. And of course lockdowns and closed schools mean that there has been less mixing and less transmission of infections.

And please, exosome lovers, I know everything about your theory but you don’t do the exosome theory any good by promoting it on the back of personal abuse. It’s called a theory, like germ theory and terrain theory, because it’s a theory. I also know a good deal about Dr Ignaz Semmelweiss and Dr John Snow and a hundred others. I get quite enough abuse from hackers, the mainstream media and the 77th brigade. You do your thing and let me concentrate on fighting the drug companies, governments, advisors, media doctors and the entire medical establishment.

The Government in the UK also reports that during this period there was a 17% fall in the diagnosis of children with cancer because of hospital departments being shut and GPs not working properly. Many of the children with cancer were diagnosed much later than they should have been and are, therefore, more likely to die of their cancer.

And UK Government figures show that one in six children in the UK now has recognizable serious mental health problems as a result of the lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing, the closure of schools and the Government’s deliberate policy of creating unnecessary fear for political purposes.

I wonder if the BBC and the Guardian found space for all this frightening news.

Sadly, the experimental jab campaigns are still gathering in more victims. The list of people who have been killed or injured by these terribly toxic substances gets longer by the minute, and almost every day I read another long list of children or professional athletes or others who’ve been killed or maimed. Don’t forget to share the Updated list of vaccine injuries which appears on my websites and now contains a terrifyingly long list of people who’ve been killed or damaged by a jab which the BBC insisted was safe and free of serious adverse events. If you listened to the awful, disgraceful, despicable BBC, in my view the disinformation centre of the known universe, you’d think it was as harmless as tickling.

In Wales, there is a campaign to provide immediate support to families of those aged 25 and under who die suddenly. Fair enough, it’s needed. But why can’t people see that the very need for such a campaign shows that this is all most unusual. Healthy children, teenagers and young adults don’t usually drop dead in droves. Schools don’t historically find themselves having to help pupils and teachers cope an epidemic of deaths of previously perfectly fit 12-year-olds.

And still the authorities aren’t doing what they should be doing during an experiment. Right at the beginning of this fraud, before the jabbing started, I said that if they had to carry on with injecting millions with an experimental jab there should at least be a proper trial conducted. All they had to do was compare the number of people dying and falling ill after the jabs with the number of un-jabbed individuals, of similar ages and ethnic groups dying and falling ill in similar time periods. That’s how a clinical trial is done. But this isn’t a clinical trial. This is a political mass jabbing as scientific as wheeling people into gas chambers.

Will women who are jabbed become infertile? Will pregnant women who are jabbed lose their babies? It seems that many already are. The miscarriage figures are horrifying.

Governments and their tame mouthpieces claim that the jabs are safe for women – pregnant, breast feeding or whatever.

But they don’t know that.

They’re guessing. They’re guessing because no one is watching to see what happens to pregnant women. And no one will know for years whether or not babies are adversely affected or whether fertility will be affected.

You don’t jab billions of people on a guess.

Or, rather, you shouldn’t.

But that’s what they’re doing.

I am infuriated when I hear doctors say ‘Oh, the jab is perfectly safe for all women and all pregnant women.’

Prove it.

They can’t, of course.

The whole jabbing programme is politically inspired not medically inspired.

The proof for that statement isn’t difficult to find. In the UK, good, honest, caring, sensible, well-informed employees are being sacked from care homes because they haven’t been jabbed. And within months good, honest, caring, wise doctors and nurses will be sacked from hospitals because they haven’t been jabbed. The stupid staff members, the ones who allowed themselves to be jabbed with an experimental, potentially toxic drug will be retained.

The argument is that the un-jabbed will put care home residents and hospital patients at risk.

But we all know that’s a lie.

Even the NHS leaflet confirms that the jabs don’t stop people getting covid-19and don’t stop them spreading it. The WHO confirms that too.

And if they don’t stop people spreading it then the whole argument for giving the jabs to care home workers and hospital staff falls apart.

Indeed, as I have pointed out before, the people who have been jabbed are more likely to spread infections.

And then there is the risk of the jabbed dropping down and dying suddenly – which we know is happening.

Who would want to be operated on by a surgeon who’d been jabbed, knowing that he could suddenly drop down and die with his scalpel inside you?

For that matter who would want to sit in an airplane flown by a pilot who had been jabbed. Or ride in a bus or taxi with a jabbed driver.

Professional sportsmen, as fit as fiddles made by Stradivarius are dropping dead of heart attacks. What chance is there for overweight surgeons and bus drivers who’ve taken the jab? Will they drop dead this week, next week or next month?

Of course, we know that there’s a reason for all this.

Sacking care home staff and medical staff is designed to destroy health care and produce more deaths. Nothing happens by accident. That’s what they’ve been doing since the start of this fraud; destroying health care, destroying companies, destroying individuality, destroying privacy and independence. As I’ve been explaining for many, many months this is all part of a plan to destroy everything we hold valuable. They call it the Great Reset but there’s nothing great about it. The covid fraud, the jabs and the global warming fraud all lead us to the same thing: the choice between enslavement, apartheid and living in the ghetto. Remember, nothing happens by accident.

How in the name of everything holy can people not see what is happening. Everything was predictable. And the figures are as clear as day. I’ve spoken to doctors who genuinely believe that more people died in 2020 than die in a normal year. That is so blatantly wrong that I think doctors who believe that should lose their licenses – they’re too stupid and too out of touch with reality to be practicing.

All you have to do is look at your government’s mortality figures and compare them with figures for the last twenty or thirty years. Similarly, teachers, union leaders and fact checkers who believe that nonsense should, in my view, be found other employment – something involving lavatories and a brush would be appropriate and possibly not too taxing.

Incidentally, it is telling, is it not, that the unions don’t seem to have been making a big fuss about the prospect of their members being forced to accept experimental jabs in order to keep their jobs. It seems to me, and I sincerely hope I am wrong, that the trade unions have been totally on the side of the oppressors during this war. Trade union members should be asking why. Can you imagine the fuss if care home workers and health care staff were forced out of work because they wouldn’t eat tripe and onions at least once a day? Or if all left handed staff were fired? Forcing people to choose between their jobs and an experimental jab that doesn’t stop you getting a disease and doesn’t stop you spreading it but might kill you is absolute lunacy. Union officials and bosses should be enraged and standing up and screaming. And the media should be doing something. But all the papers and TV are interested in the immensely boring, self-indulgent soap opera life of Meghan and Harry. They must know that no one is interested in that tripe but still they plod on with what is painfully obviously nothing but a distraction designed to take the public’s eyes and minds away from what is really going on.

What else has been happening?

Well, the global warming party came to a halt at last and twenty five thousand revelers, all having had a thoroughly good time at our expense, flew home to prepare themselves for their next free holiday. The only useful conclusion drawn, after the expulsion of enough hot air to fill a thousand dirigibles, was that holidays paid for by someone else are the best kind and that they need to arrange another party somewhere warmer with tapas bars. Somewhere more appropriate for sandals. Somewhere comfortable where everyone can make promises no one is prepared to keep.

For once I agree with the six-year-old experts who concluded that the grotesque and dangerous fiasco known as COP 26 was a waste of time, money and energy.

How much oil was used in ferrying all those cultists to and around Glasgow, I wonder. How many more absurd forecasts are going to be made and publicized as though they are of value? The weather forecasters and global warming experts can’t even predict what the weather is going to be like tomorrow but they presume to give us definitive forecasts for what to expect 50 years from now. Why anyone takes these people seriously is beyond me.

If these lunatics get their way, people will be clambering down coal mines and chiseling out a bowlful of nutty slack in an attempt to keep themselves warm and maybe boil a potato.

A couple of days ago MPs at last realized that if we abandon fossil fuels and head for net zero then there will be no future for anyone. There is a real risk that oil exploration will stop and that refineries and petrol stations will close when the sale of petrol and diesel cars is stopped. The UK Government has quietly recognized this very real danger, at last. The Downstream Oil Resilience Bill gives the Government power to demand information from oil companies and to insist that they keep critical infrastructure operating. And the Government knows that it may be necessary to provide financial assistance for this to happen. I don’t think they bothered to mention that in Glasgow.

The greens, however, are still arguing that hydrogen is the magic fuel that will save us all from fossil fuels. But that is just like the absurd enthusiasm for biomass – bits of tree thrown into burners to create electricity.

Almost all the hydrogen produced in the UK comes from burning natural gas. To say that hydrogen is green is like saying that Matt Hancock is a good husband or Joe Biden is an intellectual.

Boris Johnson has made hydrogen key to his plan for a green industrial revolution. What a genius.

Apart from using gas to make hydrogen the only other way to make it is by splitting water with the aid of electricity. And where do you think the electricity comes from? Most of the so called green energy in Britain comes from burning trees and by 2030 that will be outlawed.

Unless someone finds an unlimited supply of hydrogen on Mars and a way to get it to earth without using any, energy there is absolutely no chance of hydrogen ever being a viable replacement for fossil fuels.

Oh, and one more thing about obtaining electricity by burning biomass – bits of tree. The evidence shows that it is worse for the environment than burning coal. I’ll repeat that. The environment would be cleaner and better if we carried on burning coal and stopped using the main alternative fuel favoured by the greens.

The whole global warming movement and the associated move towards net zero is a farce – and a dangerous, pointless farce.

And yet the BBC director general has said that the science of climate change is `no longer political controversial’ and a pledge to increase coverage of the topic would not affect the broadcaster’s impartiality.

Climate change isn’t a science at all. It’s a religion, an ill-founded religion. And once again the BBC is betraying the people who pay it huge amounts of money to suppress the truth.

One final thing on climate change, nee global warming: the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero is led by Mark Carney, the Canadian tennis enthusiast and they claim that over $130 trillion dollars of capital is now committed to net zero.

Well, there is a bit of a problem with Mr Carney’s figures.

According to the Financial Times, which I read entirely on your behalf, the market capitalization of the entire world’s stock markets is only around $120 trillion.

So unless Carney has found some big companies on the Moon to put their money where his mouth is then I’m afraid that he is talking the sort of bollocks usually associated with members of the British royal family.

Another important news story outside the world of covid is that in the last few days the UK Government has announced that it will change the rules on gene editing; changing the existing DNA of plants and animals. In the past genetic engineering was ruled by legislation matching laws introduced in 2018 under a European Court of Justice ruling.

The UK Government’s new ruling is designed to make research and development easier and in due course genetically edited food (both plant and animal) will be sold in the UK.

To my surprise, the farmer’s union has welcomed the change. A vice-president said that `gene editing is about speeding up the genetic-selection process that could have occurred naturally. As we look at tackling the challenges of climate change and feeding an ever growing population, we need all the tools available.’

So, there we again. More global warming fiffle faffle.

Our world is being changed fundamentally, and without any idea of where the changes will take us, in order to help us tackle the entirely spurious, pseudo-scientific nonsense that started life as global warming, morphed into climate change, has gone through several other iterations and has ended up as Net Zero – the bizarre idea that we can eradicate the use of all fossil fuels while still providing a world population in excess of seven billion with all the necessary food and energy.

(The very idea is, of course, nonsensical but that doesn’t matter – for two reasons. First, climate change doesn’t exist. It’s a piece of mythology, deliberately designed to excuse a programme of control over the world’s population. Second, there is a very clear plan to reduce the world’s population by over six billion.)

The enthusiasts who have welcomed giving more authority and power to the genetic engineers believe (for no good reason that I can discern) that genetic engineering will produce healthier food. There is also an assumption (based on little more than hubris and hope) that the genetically engineered products will be resistant to weather changes and disease.

There seems to be no understanding that genetic engineering will result in a narrowing of the diversity of plants and animals. A disease which affects a widely used genetically engineered product could lead to a famine that would make the Irish potato famine look insignificant.

All the fears about genetic engineering which I expressed in a book called Meat Causes Cancer and More Food for Thought, back in 1994, still remain. Back then I argued that those promoting the values of genetic engineering should be obliged to prove that their efforts would be entirely safe. The response then (and I strongly suspect it would be the response now) was that it was up to me to prove that genetically engineered products were dangerous.

This, of course, is a complete reversal of common sense and the scientific process.

What sort of monstrosities will the genetic engineers produce? What sort of hideous hybrid animals will result? How many billion will die when widely farmed genetically engineered crops fail?

No one knows the answers to these questions because the UK Government has authorized another massive experiment.

We will be the guinea pigs.

I suspect that, as a result, billions around the world will die.

But then, that’s almost certainly the plan, isn’t it?

As promised, there’s just time for a couple of questions:
Question 1

Why is it that some who get jabbed are extremely sick right away, some get heart attacks, strokes, etc., some get sick a few days later, some a few weeks later and some appear to be perfectly fine?

There are several answers. First, we’re all different. Some people can smoke 60 cigarettes a day all their lives and die, apparently healthy, in their 90s. Second, I believe the way the jab is given may have an effect on the jabbee. If the needle goes into a blood vessel then the toxic jab will be absorbed more quickly – and may produce an immediate response.
Question 2

Many female celebrities were excited that HRT can now be obtained free on the NHS. What do you think?

I was astounded at their enthusiasm. It makes as much sense as giving away bottles of gin. HRT was invented by the drug industry as another profit maker. Drug companies love any medication they can sell for years. They don’t bother finding new antibiotics because people only take them for a few days. Treatments for arthritis, high blood pressure and anxiety tend to be prescribed for years – whether they’re needed or not. And HRT tends to be a long term treatment. The trouble is that most women don’t really need it. And the side effects can be lethal. They include ovarian cancer, heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis and strokes. The enthusiasts didn’t mention those problems.

I’ll try to deal with other questions – including the PSA test – in future episodes of the Wednesday Review. I want to deal with whether or not nuclear power is safe. And, having spent a year making videos about the known side short and medium side effects of the covid jabs, I’m keen to try to assess the long-term risks of the covid jabs – something that governments, advisors and the press seem happy to ignore. There’s so much to deal with.

Audio: Steve Pollard of Awakened Pages interviews Vernon Coleman