Cow Farts Aren’t the Problem

Is it the general public who is mad, or the super-intelligent scientists? At the COP28 meeting, one of these super beings stated it’s not CO2 causing global warming but burps from cows. Why cows and not sheep, pigs, cats, dogs, and all the other billions of animals on the planet?

Animals including cows have been here since time began, yet they have only just discovered it’s cows’ methane burps causing the problem get rid of them they say and problem solved. Must my hamster also go, as I am sure he is adding greatly to the latest methane rubbish?

My answer is it’s not cows, but these people who fly to these meetings in their private jets.

At the COP28 Rishi Sunak, David Cameron and Charles all flew there on individual private jets proving what they went to talk about is complete rubbish climate change, which I don’t believe in, is being caused by the very people who are screaming out doom and gloom yet they won’t change their ways. It’s obvious they have their heating on as MPs claimed £300,000 in taxpayer’s money to pay for the heating of their second homes while we are told to cut back and freeze.


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