Farmer Protests In Europe

European Farmer Protests Gain Momentum As Wales And Czech Farmers Join The Movement: Widespread farmer protests across the European Union and the UK, driven by concerns over environmental regulations. In the EU, farmers are protesting the Green Deal’s financial burdens and its impact on their competitiveness. In the UK, Welsh farmers are protesting against requirements

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Cow Farts Aren’t the Problem

Is it the general public who is mad, or the super-intelligent scientists? At the COP28 meeting, one of these super beings stated it’s not CO2 causing global warming but burps from cows. Why cows and not sheep, pigs, cats, dogs, and all the other billions of animals on the planet? Animals including cows have been

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200,000 Cows to be Killed to Fight ‘Climate Change’?

200,000 Cows to be KILLED to fight “Climate Change”: Government Proposal (Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov/YT): Roman Balmakov explains why slaughtering hundred-thousands of cows because of ‘climate change’ makes no sense at all, unless there’s some kind of dark agenda behind it all. He also talks about the situation of Dutch farmers, and their important

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