Dutch Farmers’ Protest Party Scores Big Election Win

A reader writes:

Hello Freedom Lovers everywhere – This is the sort of news we need to hear (you won’t find the evil BBC or MSM reporting this). We all have to follow the example of the amazing Dutch citizens and show we will not comply to the demands of  tyrants and dictators! Please share this good news and let’s keep up the pressure on the evil people that surround us!

Dutch farmers’ protest party scores big election win, shaking up Senate

A farmers’ protest party shook up the political landscape in the Netherlands on Wednesday, emerging as the big winner in provincial elections that determine the make-up of the Senate.

The BBB or Boer Burger Beweging (Farmer-Citizen Movement) party rode a wave of protests against the government’s environmental policies and looked set to have won more Senate seats than Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s conservative VVD party.

A first exit poll projected BBB won 15 of a total of 75 seats in the Senate, which has the power to block legislation agreed in the Lower House of parliament, with the VVD dropping from 12 to 10 seats.

The meteoric rise of BBB is a major blow for Rutte’s governing coalition, casting doubt over its aim to drastically cut nitrogen pollution on farms, the single issue upon which BBB was founded in 2019. (Read the full article here: https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/farmers-protest-party-set-shake-up-dutch-political-landscape-2023-03-15/)

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