Dutch Uprising

The Dutch people are rising up to protest destructive WEF climate law.

The World Economic Forum controlled Dutch government announced last week an end to modern farming – putting harsh controls on nitrogen, and spelling the end to thousands of family farms.

In response, Dutch farmers took a page out of the Canadian Freedom Convoy play book. They took to the highways, blockaded borders, and launched massive protests.

So far, the global media has vilified the farmers, brushing aside their concerns with the New World Order-style policy, and propagating government lines.

Farmers are worried that this will is one step closer to a global food crisis and total government control of the food supply. (Source: https://thecountersignal.com/dutch-uprising/)

Dutch farmers form tractor blockade in ‘massive’ protest over nitrogen policy:

Massive protests are occurring in the Netherlands as Dutch farmers are protesting against the government’s rules that would limit carbon and nitrogen emissions out of their farms, says Sky News host James Morrow.

Farmers protested around the Netherlands over the government’s new policy which would see the country slash nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions by 50 per cent by 2030.

“Massive massive protests, they’re blocking highways, they’re blocking traffic – I’ve seen them even spraying manure on government offices,” Mr Morrow said. (Sky News Australia/YT)

Dutch farmers ‘desperately’ fighting back against government’s ‘green’ agenda:

Small farmers in the Netherlands are desperately fighting back against their government’s “radical” nitrogen emissions policy, says Sky News host Rowan Dean.

Mr Dean said the Netherlands’ government planned to cut emissions between 30 to 70 per cent “as part of their green agenda”.

“Completely arbitrary bureaucratic madness, but this is what happens when you legislate climate targets,” he said.

“The little people, the farmers, the small businesses get crushed under the wheels of the bureaucrats who believe they are ‘saving the planet’.” (Sky News Australia/YT)

Dutch farmers block food warehouses over new environmental rules:

Farmers in the Netherlands have blockaded supermarket distribution centres in continuing protests against new environmental rules on nitrogen emissions that are likely to put many of them out of business.

Fishers on Monday blocked ports in a show of support for farmers. The blockade prevented ferries from sailing to almost all the Wadden Islands off the country’s northern coast and caused lengthy delays, shipping companies reported.

Also on Monday, farmers used tractors and large bales of hay to block entrances to the supermarket distribution centres, as the association of food traders warned of supply bottlenecks.

The action had been announced in advance, with farmers calling for “the entire country to be paralysed”. (Al Jazeera English/YT)

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