Evidence of Government Fraud

Former policeman, Gary Waterman, joins me to expose a huge government fraud surrounding illegal practices at Companies House and the registration process, and how this makes the tax system unlawful. (Richard Vobes/YT)


Hi Richard

I watched your piece on government fraud and although it was refreshing to see, it only scratches the surface in that the fraud covers everything we think we own as well as our rights and freedoms.
Go into BETA COMPANIES HOUSE and pick any company, go to directors and 100% of those will have their surname in all caps. Same as all title deeds, bank accounts, ID documents, V5 documents, all legal documents, etc. HMRC may alter your details and include Mr or Mrs. They cannot accept your name being just Joe Bloggs as that is you, not MR JOE BLOGGS as that corporate dead entity was created by the fraudulent registration (regis) process, (birth registration certificate).
The establishment elite do have well over 30 trillion pounds in British overseas territories. That is just numbers on computer databases secured by all property that we think we own.
I can provide evidence against the government, councils, law society, courts, and police where I have challenged and stopped illegal corrupt court process, by countering with a fraud allegation.

Bryan, brian-neill.com

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